Choosing a Major

Each degree the CCSE offers has tools and skills that will help exceed in your future career in computing. When you have the right information, selecting a major doesn't have to be a daunting process.

When should I choose a major?
You can declare a "Computing Interest" right away. Typically, you will officially declare your major after completing the first two programming courses.

How do I declare my major? 
Declare or change your major through Owl Express. Applied Science Majors will need to consult their program coordinator for a major change.

Majors to Choose From:

    • Computer Science provides education that is practical, technical, analytical, quantitative, conceptual, and current. Fluent in Windows, UNIX, Oracle, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and many other technologies, graduates of the CS program at KSU are in high demand. KSU’s CS graduates are experiencing highly successful careers. Their job descriptions include systems analysis, programming, data communications, end-user support, database administration, consulting, and top management. Current annual salaries range above $100,000 with average salaries in the high 40′s for KSU grads. Employment growth in computer related fields is projected to continue to outpace that of most other occupations.
    • BSCS: 2018
      BAACS: 2018

    Visit the Department of Computer Science site.

    • Information Technology (IT) can be found in almost every aspects of our lives: the workplace, our homes, our communication devices and even our entertainment. Information Technology is one of the fastest growing professions. IT offers a diverse set of career paths and the ability to work from anywhere in the world!

      Here at Kennesaw State's Department of Information Technology, our flexible Information Technology program offers the classes that fit your career goals and your busy life by offering degree programs completely online!

    • BSIT: 2018
      BASIT: 2018

    Visit the Department of Information Technology site
    • Software Engineering represents one of fastest growing segments of software professionals. Business and industry require software engineers in the fields of medicine, the military, domestic and international communications and aerospace engineering. 

    Visit the Department of Software Engineering and Game Design and Development site.  
    • Computer Game development is an exciting and interdiciplinary field that combines technical programming and software development with artistic fields such as animation, audio and real-time user interaction. The CGDD program at KSU covers breadth of the field and lets students customize their studies to "dive deep" in a area of their choice.

    Visit the Department of Software Engineering and Game Design and Development site.  

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