Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering Foundations

The Graduate Certificate in SWE Foundations assumes that students do not have a significant background in computing. It both deepens and broadens their knowledge of computing, and prepares them for positions of more responsibility in the computing industry, as well as for further postgraduate studies. Students interested in the Graduate Certificate will typically not have a first degree in computing.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering Foundations or the Master of Science in Software Engineering, please contact the MSSWE program director Dr. Paola Spoletini by email at

Program Requirements

  • Course Number
    Course Name
    Credit Hours
  • CS 5000
    Foundations of Programming
  • CS 5020
    Foundations of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • CS 5060
    Database Design
  • CS 5070
    Mathematical Structures for Computer Science
  • SWE 5123
    Advanced Programming & Data Structures
    Total: 15

Please note, no courses can be transferred into graduate certificates.

No foundation courses can be waived or transferred into the Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering Foundations.