Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSWE)

JavaScript syntax code displayed on a computer screen.The Bachelor of Science (BSSWE) in Software Engineering degree program is fully accredited by ABET, the Accreditation Board of Engineers & Technology.

Software Engineering represents the fastest growing segment of software professionals - men and women who solve problems and issues in the development of mission-critical software to meet the needs of business and industry. The undergraduate program in Software Engineering, which is the only one offered at a public university in the state of Georgia, has the primary objective of preparing a new generation of software developers focused on the engineering of software systems; that is, those systems that meet specified requirements, that are built with mission critical quality levels, and that are within cost and schedule requirements.

Career & Salary Information

  • Game Developer: $50,923
  • Application Developer: $69,242
  • Database Administrator: $90,070
  • Software Developer: $105,590

Software Engineering focuses on more software aspects of computing, rather than hardware. Graduates from this program typically work in programming either testing or developing software or work as software consultants.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Program Requirements 

Students should follow the degree requirements listed in the Academic Catalog appropriate to the year in which they began the program.

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Curriculum requirements for the SWE program may change from year to year. Students' requirements are determined based on the academic year in which they began the program declared as a SWE major. Degree requirements generally do not change once a student is declared a SWE major until graduation, except if the student does not attend KSU for 3 consecutive semesters (including summer) or if the student requests a change of catalog year to a newer set of requirements. Students may update to any newer set of academic requirements if they wish.

  • The Academic Catalog contains the academic requirements and policies to obtain a degree of a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, and all other advising material (curriculum sheets, DegreeWorks) are based on this.
  • Curriculum sheets can be found on the CCSE Academic Advising Office website. Curriculum sheets are helpful guides to be used along with meeting an academic advisor and DegreeWorks, and are subject to change. Always double check with an academic advisor.
  • Prerequisites used in registration for courses follow the latest approved prerequisites. Therefore, what may be listed as the prerequisite on a 2015 academic year curriculum sheet may not be the prerequisite required in registering for the Fall 2018 semester. Prerequisites should be updated in the catalog upon approval. Again, always check with an academic advisor. 

Note: CSE 1321/L & CSE 1322/L must have a 'B' or better if taken Fall 2018 or after. All other courses in Area F (Lower Division Major Requirements) and Upper Division Major Requirements must have a 'C' or better to count toward graduation. Any general education course which is a prerequisite to another course that is required must also have a 'C' or better."