Minor in Computer Science

For students interested in developing their knowledge and credentials in the computing area. The minor is approachable for students from a variety of majors with a technical interest, with MATH1112 or MATH1113 as the math prerequisite to CS 2301. The student must earn a 'C' or better in all courses for the minor. At least 12 hours of a minor must be non-duplicative with the course requirements of the student's major.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (8 Credit Hours):

  • Course Number
    Course Name
  • CS 1301
    Programming Principles I
  • CS 1302
    Programming Principles II

Select one from the following data-centric classes (3 Credit Hours):

  • Course Number
    Course Name
  • CS 3410
    Introduction to Database Systems
  • GEOG 3315
    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • IS 3280
    Data Management
  • STAT 3010
    Computer Applications of Statistics

Select two of the following classes (6 Credit Hours):

  • Course Number
    Course Name
  • CS 3501
    Computer Organization, Architecture, and Communications
  • CS 3502
    Operating Systems
  • Other 3-hour upper-division CS course for which the student satisfies prerequisites

Program Total (17 credit hours)