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MSIT Degree

The Master of Science Degree in Information Technology (MSIT)   enhances career options for current and future IT professionals in the management, performance and integration of information technology systems.

The MSIT program consists of 30 semester hours (10 courses): 1) four required courses (12 hours); 2) two program options. Option 1: IT Capstone (3 hours) and 15 hours of electives.  Option 2: Thesis (6 hours and IT 6913 s pre-req.) and 9 hours of electives. 

Students without a computing background are required to take up to four additional IT foundation courses, which cover fundamental areas of information technology: database, operating systems and networking, programming and web development.  If you are required to take the foundation course(s) check the Graduate Program Decision Comments for the course(s) you must take.

Graduate Certificates

In addition to our MSIT degree, we offer 5 graduate certificates. The certificates can be taken as a stand-alone program or embedded in the MSIT program. For students in the MSIT program, the certificates except the foundation certificate, can be viewed as concentrations of the MSIT program. If you choose your electives wisely, you may earn multiple graduate certificates along with a MSIT when you graduate.

The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Foundations(12 hours total)
The Graduate Certificate in Data Management and Analytics(12 hours total)
The Graduate Certificate in IT Security (12 hours total)
The Graduate Certificate in IT Enterprise Management (12 hours total)
The Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology(12 hours total)

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