Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology

The Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology (HIT) Program is designed for IT professionals who have a bachelor's degree and have taken the Graduate Transition Certificate in Information Technology (or the equivalent through other course work) to advance their knowledge in the field of Health IT. All the courses in the Health Information Technology Certificate are offered both face-to-face and online.

Students graduating with this program will have a strong background in fundamental principles and applications of the use of information and communication technology in health care in different healthcare settings, as well as hands-on experience with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems widely adopted by healthcare providers.

Program Requirements

  • Course Number
    Course Name
    Credit Hours
  • IT 6423
    IT System Acquisition & Integration (Prereq IT5413 or IT5433)
  • IT 6503
    Foundations of Health Information Technology
  • IT 6513
    EHR Systems
  • IT 6523
    Clinical Processes & Flows
  • IT 6533
    Health Information Security & Privacy
    Total: 15