Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Dan Lo

    Professor & Interim Department Chair
    Research Interests: Big Data Analytics, Mobile Computing, Information Assurance and Security, CUDA Programming, and Computer Science Education
    Phone: 470-578-5487
    Location: J-377
    Email: dlo2@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~dlo2/
  • Lisa Nepogoda

    Administrative Associate
    Phone: 470-578-6005
    Location: J-377



  • Dr. Sarah North

    Lecturer & IEEE/ACM Student Group Advisor
    Research Interests: Game Design, Operating Systems, and Computer Science Education
    Phone: 470-578-7774
    Location: CP 206 F2
    Email: snorth@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~snorth/
  • Dr. Ken Hoganson

    Professor & BAACS Program Coordinator
    Research Interests: High Performance Computing, Game Design for Learning Programming, and Cloud Computing on Teaching
    Phone: 470-578-3402
    Location: CP 206P
    Email: khoganso@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~khoganso/
  • Dr. Dick Gayler

    Professor & BSCS Program Director
    Research Interests: Programming Languages and High Performance Computing
    Phone: 470-578-6099
    Location: J-318
    Email: dgayler@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~dgayler/


  • Dr. Patrick Bobbie

    Research Interests: Operating Systems, Vehicle Simulation, Robotics, and Bioinformatics
    Phone: 470-578-3810
    Location: J-386
    Email: pbobbie@kennesaw.edu
  • Dr. Victor Clincy

    Research Interests: Cloud-Based Game Design, Wireless Networking, and Multimedia
    Phone: 470-578-4440
    Location: J-316
    Email: vclincy@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~vclincy/
  • Dr. Eun Park

    Phone: 470-578-7400
    Location: KH-3404
    Email: epark19@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~epark19/
  • Dr. Jose Garrido

    Research Interests: High Performance Computing, Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation, and Real-Time and Embedded Systems
    Phone: 470-578-3652
    Location: J-328
    Email: jgarrido@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~jgarrido/​
  • Dr. Bob Harbort

    Professor Emeritus
    Phone: 470-578-7405
    Location: J-342
    Email: rharbort@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~rharbort/
  • Dr. Selena He

    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Internet of Things, Information Security, and Computer Science Education
    Phone: 470-578-6039
    Location: J-338
    Email: jhe4@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~jhe4/
  • Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung

    Research Interests: Biometrics Recognition, Digital Image Processing, and Machine Learning
    Phone: 470-578-3793
    Location: J-384
    Email: chung1@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~chung1/
  • Monisha Verma

    Phone: 470-578-7606
    Location: J-125
    Email: mverma1@kennesaw.edu
  • Dr. Edward Jung

    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: IP Watermarking, Wireless Sensor Networking, Information Security, and Reliable Computing
    Phone: 470-578-5546
    Location: J-385
    Email: ejung4@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~ejung4/
  • Dr. Kai Qian

    Research Interests: Information Assurance and Security, Big Data, Database, and Computer Science Education
    Phone: 470-578-3717
    Location: J-391
    Email: kqian@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~kqian/
  • Dr. Hisham Haddad

    Research Interests:
    Phone: 470-578-4389
    Location: J-337
    Email: hhaddad@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~hhaddad/
  • Dr. Alan Shaw

    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Mobile Computing, Game Design, and Social Media Computing
    Phone: 470-578-4479
    Location: CP 206F1
    Email: ashaw8@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~ashaw8/
  • Dr. Yong Shi

    Professor & MSCS Program Director
    Research Interests: Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Cybersecurity
    Phone: 470-578-6423
    Location: J-311
    Email: yshi5@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~yshi5/
  • Dr. Donghyun Kim

    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Cybersecurity, Mobile Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks
    Phone: 470-578-7638
    Location: J-312
    Email: dkim76@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~dkim76/
  • Dr. Mingon Kang

    Assistant Professor
    Research Interests: Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics
    Phone: 470-578-4311
    Location: J-339
    Email: mkang9@kennesaw.edu
    URL: http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~mkang9/
  • Dr. Xiaohua Xu

    Assistant Professor
    Reasearch Interests: Computer Networks, Algorithms
    Phone: 470-578-6355
    Location: J-341
    Email: xxu6@kennesaw.edu
  • Dr. Joseph Eyles

    Phone: 470-578-6586
    Location: J-325
    Email: jeyles1@kennesaw.edu
  • Dr. Frank Tsui

    Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Ben Setzer

    Professor Emeritus

 Limited Term Faculty

  • Mrs. Tulin Kilinc

    Limited Term/Full Time
    Phone: 470-578-7637
    Location: R2-330
    Email: tkilinc@kennesaw.edu
  • Dr. Abdullah Faruque

    Limited Term/Full Time
    Phone: 470-578-4275
    Location: R2-332
    Email: afaruque@kennesaw.edu
  • Tejaswini Nalamothu

    Limited Term/Full Time
    Phone: 470-578-7608
    Location: CP 206P
    Email: tnalamot@kennesaw.edu

Part Time Faculty

Mr. Robert Thorsen
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: rthorsen@kennesaw.edu
Mr. Ishan Vaidya
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: ivaidya@kennesaw.edu
Dr. Amber Wagner
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: awagne30@kennesaw.edu
Mr. Calvin Skinner
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: cskinne3@kennesaw.edu
Mr. Yinka Akinwusi
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: yakinwus@kennesaw.edu

Wei Wang, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: wwang14@kennesaw.edu

Guoliang Liu, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: gliu5@kennesaw.edu

Junggab Son, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: json4@kennesaw.edu

Ghaith Matalkah
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: gmatalka@kennesaw.edu

Ramu Nagappan
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: rnagappa@kennesaw.edu

Shruthi Rajuri
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: srajuri@kennesaw.edu

Dhiraj Gharana
Adjunct Faculty
Location: J-163
Email: @kennesaw.edu


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