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The Marietta campus of Kennesaw State University has a tradition of hosting "Game Jams", events that are open to students and non-students alike. At a Game Jam, you spend 48 hours straight in an academic building at the Marietta campus developing a game from the ground up. The Fall 2014 HHS Health Game Jam had over 300 participants and partnered with the Berklee College of Music to create games for health, sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Health and Human Services. You can check out more information about our Game Jams by visiting:

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The student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) has close ties to the gaming initiatives at KSU.

On October 2, 2008, the ACM hosted a talk entitled "Neo-Shamans: Computing as Indistinguishable from Magic."

ACM is also about fun.  In October 2009 the group met for a Halloween Party which included co-op play of Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor (graciously donated by Tripwire) and we tested out the new Will-It-Blend blender on a computer mouse. 

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