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Are you looking to gain some expreience in your field?  Do you want to gain course credit or even get paid to work? An internship/co-op is exactly what you’re looking for!

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Ms. Dawn Tatum is here to answer any questions you may have about internships, co-ops and future job opportunities! She works side-by-side with the Career Planning & Development department to bring industry partners and students together.

Office: KSU Marietta Campus, Atrium (J) 358





  • I decided to work in a co-op because it allowed me to gain experience in my major. It also giveyou a competitive advantage after graduation because you can put the co-op on your resume.”

  • My co-op allowed me to test my knowledge at a corporate level and helped me to decide if I wanted to major in Computer Science or Software Engineering.”


 Open Internships/Co-Ops

  • Shaw Industries, Inc. is seeking Intern or Co-op to work in their Service Automation Group for the Spring. If interested, please send your to Tommie Mack ( or Nathan Haas (
  • Are you an undergraduate college student looking for a PAID Summer Internship in media or tech? Apply to the Emma Bowen Foundation! We are a diversity initiative for more than 60 media and tech companies that recruit promising students of color for summer internships.

    We strongly recommend students apply by January 8th.

    Here is what we are looking for:

    • Technology-focused students 
    • Public Relations majors 
    • Investigative and Data Journalists and students interested in Non-profit Journalism 
    • Accounting and Finance majors
    • Students interested in the Business of Media
    • Students interested in Broadcast Journalism and News Production 

    Click here to view cities in which we expect to place (subject to change)

    Summer 2019 positions are not limited to the opportunities and cities listed above. Students interested in all aspects of media are encouraged to apply!

    Students can apply here:

  • We are now accepting applications from students who would like to join the HPCC Systems Intern Program in 2019. We accept students on to this program from across the academic spectrum from high school to PhD.

    Application is by the submission of a proposal to complete a suitable project from our list. Students may also suggest a project idea themselves or with the assistance from a teacher or professor. Student suggested projects must be suitable for a 12 week internship and must leverage HPCC Systems in some way. Each of the projects on our list has a mentor assigned and we encourage students to make contact with the mentor and discuss ideas while developing their proposal. We will provide a mentor for projects suggested by students.

    Teachers and professors who would like to join the program as a co-mentor for a student during their internship are welcome. We provide opportunities for students to work either in a LexisNexis office close to their current location or to work remotely.

    The deadline for proposals is Friday, March 29, 2019.

    We accept proposals in advance of this deadline and can be flexible about start/end date to suit semester dates.

    Here is a link to our intern program flyer in pdf form. More information can also be found here:

    If students have questions or want to discuss a project idea in more detail, contact Lorraine Chapman, Consulting Business Analyst & HPCC Systems Intern Program Manager at

  • VC3 - Managed IT Services
    Apply Here:

  • Safe-Guard Products International, LLC is the leading provider of Finance and Insurance (F&I) products in the automotive aftermarket industry as well as the RV, marine, motorcycle and power sports segments. The Company develops, markets and administers the highest-quality Finance and Insurance programs and matches them with unmatched customer service, advanced technology solutions, and industry-leading training. Safe-Guard is a proud partner to more than half the country’s top 500 dealers, the most successful general agents and the largest dealer groups across the United States and Canada. With a complete product portfolio and smart technology solutions, top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, and independent agents choose Safe-Guard more than any other provider.

    Our products include: Appearance Protection, Dent Protection, Emergency Notification, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Identity Protection, Key Protection, Lease-End Protection, Prepaid Maintenance, Theft Protection, Tire & Wheel Protection, Vehicle Service Contracts, and Windshield Protection.

    Safe-Guard’s mission is to provide products and solutions to the motor vehicle industry that drive customer retention and protect consumers from the perils of ownership. We are experiencing dynamic growth and have earned a stellar reputation from our customers, partners, and peers by providing: 1) the highest quality protection products in the industry, 2) a broad platform of value-added technology, marketing, and training solutions, and 3) unparalleled client and customer service.

    Position: Paid Internship for 2 months


    • Understand the Data Quality task currently undertaken by the Data Management analyst. This includes reviewing the table and data dictionary to get familiarity with the underlying DB structure.
    • Evaluate various Data Quality Tool.
    • Document everything done for future reference.
    • Provide recommendation.
    • Use the recommended tool for proof of concept with some of the current task and data profiling.

      p.s. The Intern will be provided guidance by senior members of Data Management team.

    Required Skills:

    • Familiarity with any relational database system (MySQL/SQL Server/PostgreSQL/Oracle).
    • Familiarity with writing SQL queries.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Good Analytical and Critical thinking skills.


    Safe-Guard Products International is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, marital status, disability or protected veteran status, or any other status or characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

    To apply, send cover letter & resume to Peter Vennel at

  • Looking for a career with a purpose; one that will challenge your mind and advance your skillset? Are you a motivated stu-dent or recent graduate looking to launch a career in Computer Science or Information Technology? If so, this opportunity may be for you.

    WIT Campus is seeking students that have flexibility in their schedule, and interested in a 4-to-6-week part-time (or full-time) internship with some of the top-notch WIT partner com-panies here in the metro Atlanta area. These paid internship positions are slotted to start early November, with an end date of December 2018.

    We’re asking and encouraging all interested students majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology and related fields to submit their resumes along with cover letters to -

    There are limited slots, so act accordingly to secure your spot.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Dr. Andrea Bowens-Jones (WIT Consultant) at or at 770-648-3758.

  • *CEDAR is expecting 2-3 semester rotations for this Co-op*


    CEDAR is a leading provider of an innovative generation of powerful Private-Cloud-Based Managed Services solutions for Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO), Customer Communications Management (CCM), Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP), reshaping the way companies do business with their customers and partners.

    Our Application Services Department supports CEDAR software that our clients utilize to communicate with their customers and partners. The technology stack that our Application Support Analysts use on a daily basis consists of Linux, SQL, and various scripting languages.

    We are seeking Co-Ops that are interested in Application Support careers supporting applications that run on Linux operating systems. Interested candidates will only be considered if they attend or plan to attend classes that teach UNIX/Linux curriculum.

    Position Specific Competencies:


    Assists with issue resolution and/or root cause analysis of operational issues, utilizing tools such as Java, Python, Oracle Databases, BASH, and Selenium to debug code and data issues in complex workflows and applications. Participates in daily Issue Status meetings. Follows issue remediation policies.


    Monitors production processing, outputs and services to ensure that agreed levels of service and other quality metrics are being met. Ensures that processing exceptions are reported for remediation.


    Participation in software release management and system configuration for application changes. Adheres to deployment and hot fix standards.


    Understand and follow process documentation. Document procedures, services, issues, and changes as required.


    • Computer Science / IT Major taking classes that teach the UNIX/Linux Operating System.
    • Interested in a career in Application Support.

    Important Details:

    We’d like a commitment of at least 2 semesters from applicants. At this time candidates will only be considered if they are willing to commit to 2 semesters.

    Full time semester rotating Co-op. [Co-op @ CEDAR for entire semester -> back to KSU -> Co-op @ CEDAR for semester -> KSU]

    *We may be open to students working back to back semesters, but at this time prefer rotating.

    40 hrs a week. $15/hr

    Location off Ashford Dunwoody across from Perimeter Mall.

  • Disruption. That is what we do and this is why we need you. We are an Internet of Things (IoT) company that focuses on cameras, AI/ML, and operational improvement in the warehouse and on the construction jobsite. We are developing and implementing bleeding edge technology in an established, rapidly growing, but fragmented market and we are looking for junior team members that we can develop to allow us to expand.

    We have zero IT debt and we do things right the first time. We need talented open source Software Development Engineers (SDEs) with skills on the AWS platform to develop a decoupled, event driven, microservice cloud architecture. Our team is small and we are looking for someone that likes to work at a fast pace. We use the lean startup methodology and iterate in weekly agile sprints. Remote work opportunities and flexible hours are a standard benefit. Compensation is commensurate with skills and experience. If you are ready to learn and gain hands on experience in the most valuable current technologies, continue reading.

    In the first 30 days, you will be introduced to the team, discuss the company’s vision and goals, and be onboarded. Credentials will be setup and the engineering team lead will spend a lot of hands on time with you explaining the platform, technologies, architecture, and team/product roadmap. You will be introduced to the project management tool, source control tool, start joining standups, and start taking minor tasks out of the weekly queue. The purpose of the first 30 days is to acclimate the new hire to the role and provide them the foundation and the tools to be successful in role.

    In the next 90 days, a successful junior team member will be focusing on sharpening their tech skills for their specific role. Day to day activities will include learning Amazon API Gateway, Lambda, and writing scripts using HTML, JQuery, Python, Node, and/or PHP. You will work on honing your skills by developing microservices in a sandbox environment and commiting the code to the CI pipeline. While you are building your cloud app dev skills, you will also be learning our product line and all the microservices and scripts needed to maintain them. The purpose of the first 4 months is to provide the experience and baseline skills needed for the junior team member to be able to ramp up to a fully executing team member.

    In the next 6 months, the on-boarded team member will continue to hone their skills while being responsible for a full sprint workload. You will be maintaining dynamic architectures and ensuring operational excellence. On a typical day, you will have a short stand up meeting, then you will be responsible for prioritizing your activities for the day and for the weekly sprint. At that point you will kick off the coffee drinking and code writing until it is time to call it a day. Your typical activity mix will consist of 65% of your time being spent on developing new features and services, 25% will be spent on operations and operational engineering (improving/automating operations), and 10% will be spent on learning and technical development.

    These are some of the skills/techs you will work with and develop:

    • Microservices
      AWS API Gateway
      AWS Autoscaling
      App Security
    • Jira / Bugzilla
      AWS Load balancers
      Node.js, JQuery
      Performance Tuning
      AWS Self-healing architectures
    • AWS Step Functions
      PHP, Python
      Git Source Control
      AWS Multi-region Architecture 
    • Linux
       AWS CodeStar
      AWS Cognito 
      AWS Multi-Account Security Strategy 
    • AWS Batch / EC2 
      Cloud Formation
       AWS SQS / SNS
      Aurora MySQL 
      Serverless Architectures 
    •  CICD pipeline
       AWS Lambda
      Twitter Bootstrap 
      AWS Cloud Native Security

    To apply, please email a copy of your resume to with the subject “Jr SDE

  • Summary:

    CEDAR is a leading provider of an innovative generation of powerful Private-Cloud-Based Managed Services solutions for Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO), Customer Communications Management (CCM), Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP), reshaping the way companies do business with their customers and partners.

    Our Application Services Department supports CEDAR software that our clients utilize to communicate with their customers and partners. The technology stack that our Application Support Analysts use on a daily basis consists of Linux, SQL, and various scripting languages.

    We are seeking Co-Ops that are interested in Application Support careers supporting applications that run on Linux operating systems. Interested candidates will only be considered if they attend classes that teach UNIX or Linux curriculum.

    Position Specific Competencies:


    Assists with issue resolution and/or root cause analysis of operational issues, utilizing tools such as Java, Python, Oracle Databases, BASH, and Selenium to debug code and data issues in complex workflows and applications. Participates in daily Issue Status meetings. Follows issue remediation policies.


    Monitors production processing, outputs and services to ensure that agreed levels of service and other quality metrics are being met. Ensures that processing exceptions are reported for remediation.


    Participation in software release management and system configuration for application changes.

    Adheres to deployment and hot fix standards.


    Understand and follow process documentation. Document procedures, services, issues, and changes as required.


    • Computer Science / IT Major taking classes that teach the UNIX/Linux Operating System.
    • Interested in a career in Application Support.
  • Applications are now being taken for an invite-only, all-expense paid, coding experience for female students pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Computer Science or 

    Students should apply on the VMware CodeHouse site:

  • I’m excited to share that AT&T is taking it up a notch this October and inviting top talented students to Dallas to experience the excitement first hand. AT&T L1VE is a fast track option for candidates interested in their College programs. This all-expense paid trip to Dallas will put students among the best and brightest in their field and will feature competitions, client interactions, tours, networking and fun.  Interviews will happen on-sight for all attendees!

    So, what did last year look like?  We’re glad you asked- here is The AT&T L1VE Experience from 2017.

    What does it take to qualify?

    For Technology Development Programs:

    • Graduating May 2019 with a degree in Computer Science or STEM related degree with programming skills
    • Minimum of 2 internships within field of study or Minimum of 1 internship and Senior Capstone (can be in process)
    • Preferred GPA of 3.3 or higher
    • Leadership experience:  Campus club, Eagle Scout, etc.
    • Technical aptitude, strong analytical skills, problem solver, team oriented

    Locations:  Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, El Segundo CA, Middletown NJ and more

    Cyber security program is also available

    Interested students who meet the qualifications for the program(s) have until AUGUST 1st to apply to the following site: AT&T L1VE 2018 - Invitation to Apply


    Questions?  Contact Ryan Gibson

    Associate Director – College Recruiting

    AT&T Human Resources I E:

  • Verifone has some internships still available for summer 2018.  Please contact Val Marchevsky ( with your resume and email cover letter if you are interested. The areas you must have qualifications in are one of the following:

    • DevOps Engineering (Jenkins, Jira,…)
    • Test automation (Python, Ruby, …)
    • Embedded system development (C/C++, RTOS, Linux, …)
    • Android SW development (Java, C/C++, Linux, …)

    Contact Dawn Tatum at KSU CCSE ( if you have questions.

  • Your Talent. Our Vision. At Anthem, Inc., it’s a powerful combination, and the foundation upon which we’re creating greater access to care for our members, greater value for our customers, and greater health for our communities. Join us and together we will drive the future of health care.

    This is an exceptional opportunity to do innovative work that means more to you and those we serve at one of America's leading health benefits companies and a Fortune Top 50 Company.

    Anthem's Java & Javascript Intern will design and develop technology solutions for enterprise programs. They will interact with business and technical resources to support the delivery of technical enterprise deliverables. 


    Project work could be focused, but not limited to the following: 

    • Responsible for participating in all phases of the development and maintenance life cycle, typically for an assigned business unit or corporate department and utilizing various customer technology platforms.
    • Develops relationships with the business to better understand business requirements.
    • Develops knowledge in change request process and develops exhibits and other materials, under supervision.
    • Assists in documenting limited business and technical requirements and coding of system components.
    • Assists in developing unit test plans and is given specific tasks to support implementation plan.
    • Develops the ability to provide on-call support and monitor the system.
    • Facilitates small groups in peer code reviews and participates in vendor evaluation.    
    • Student must be currently enrolled in a program of study at an accredited college or university seeking an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Graduate degree in computer science or information systems, or related field.


    We are unable to consider students requiring future sponsorship for this role.

    The Release Management internship is an excellent opportunity for an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in computer science, engineering, IT or a related field.  The selected individual will be tasked with making code changes to various portals, ensuring dependencies are in place, support and facilitate steps for changes to respective applications and ensure all processes are followed.

    What's needed to excel in this role?  Critical thinking, strong organizational skills, impeccable attention to detail, good negotiation skills and a superb analytical foundation. 

    Candidates must be currently enrolled in a program of study at an accredited college or university with an applicable major (noted above). 

    Contact Monica O’Neal, SHRM - SCP at

  • Savant is looking for both Full Time and Interns to join their group of dynamic employees who have the privilege of working on multitudes of problems/issues to develop  unique solutions as a team. Their main focus is Managed IT services, but that of course changes everyday in scope and expectation. If you are up for a challenge and up for learning a lot, this might be the place for you!

    Email Lee Heisman ( to make your introduction and give him your resume. Nothing fancy...just the nutshell...who are you, what do you want to do, what are you good at and how does that fit with managed it services.

  • We recently posted several intern opportunities located in Atlanta and would love for you to share the descriptions with your students/network. A few of the descriptions are listed below. All candidates should apply on-line at as soon as possible for consideration.

    Technical Test Data Intern (Position #PS5497)
    Java & Javascript Intern (Position #PS5954)
    and many other positions are available.

    Couple of things regarding the internships:

    1. The roles are in Atlanta and the duration is at least 6 months (part-time)
    2. Start date is May 21st or June 11th
    3. Since our program is a pipeline to early career positions within Anthem unfortunately we are unable to consider students that require future visa sponsorship.

  • This role will work with an emerging technology team to identify and evaluate new technologies to determine if they will be a valuable tool for Georgia-Pacific manufacturing operations.  

    A Day In The Life Typically Includes:

    Analyzing and understanding opportunities to optimize manufacturing operations
    Researching technologies and identifying how they can be applied effectively to add value
    Participating in rapid experimental discovery initiatives to evaluate technology fit

    Basic Qualifications:

    • 3.0 Overall GPA
    • Completion of a Bachelor's Degree by June 2018 in Computer Science, Engineering, or Business-related field
    • Experience or coursework related to Internet of Things technologies
    • Ability to travel


    What Will Put You Ahead?

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Prior work or internship experience in Machine Vision and/or Computer Vision Technologies
    • Prior work or internship experience in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Technologies (wireless sensors, embedded programming, IoT Platforms, Cloud Computing, etc.)
    • Skills coding prototypes (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.)

    Why work for Georgia-Pacific?

    • A culture that places top priority on integrity and compliance
    • Opportunity for career growth at one of the largest, financially stable companies in the world
    • Encouragement to challenge the status quo and share knowledge
    • Responsibilities and rewards based on contributions
    • Continued company growth due to reinvesting 90% of our earnings
    • Competitive pay and benefits that help you manage your personal and financial wellness


    Apply here: 

    Want to learn more about Georgia-Pacific?

    Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.
    We are an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran
    Except where prohibited by state law, all offers of employment are conditioned upon successfully passing a drug test.

    This employer uses E-Verify. Please visit the following website for additional information:

  • Tech Square Labs is a growing company looking for some strategic programming talent to design and develop new feature and integrations as their business grows. Email: for more information.
  • The application period for 2018 internships with the HPCC Systems platform team is now open. We would be delighted to receive applications from KSU students to work on projects which make a real difference to the HPCC System open source project and community.

    Application is by project proposal submission. We have a wide range of available projects suitable for students across all levels of study from high school to PhD.  

    The internship lasts for 12 weeks starting early June and ending in the middle of August, although we can be flexible about these dates. Final proposals must be sent to me by the deadline date (see below). We have provided an example of what we like to see and some proposal preparation instructions.

    There is a post on our community forum with some additional information. More information about the program and projects completed by students in previous years is also available on our student wiki and there is a blog you can read describing the application process and intern experience.

    The deadline date for proposals is April 6th, 2018. We do make early offers to students who submit an excellent proposal we know we want to accept before the deadline date.


  • Apply & recieve more information, here.
  • InComm currently intern positions to fill in IT, Trade Marketing/Accounting, and Accounting.  Students can apply online at our career site.  EPIC interns work 20 hours per week/Year Round.  This is not a summer internship nor a co-op.  



    • Business Analysis
    • System Analysis
    • IT Tracking resources; hardware, software and licenses
    • Prioritization activities
    • Testing software, processes and procedures
    • Analysis & documentation of processes, procedures, features & functions of InComm platforms
    • Developing presentations



    • Students entering their sophomore year through graduate school are eligible
    • Student works a minimum of 20 hours per week year round
    • 2.75 GPA and above


    Availble Openings:

    EPIC IT Intern 1

    EPIC IT Intern 2

    EPIC IT Intern 3

    InComm Careers:

  • The Information Technology Performance Management Intern will have the opportunity to work alongside our IT Performance Management team and learn the many facets of data collection/data warehouse support and reporting.   They will have a passion for metrics which will afford them the opportunity to contribute their Tableau/SAP Business Objects knowledge and create/modify/maintain a variety of dashboards utilized throughout the Anthem organization.  This body of work will impact a wide audience. 

    We are looking for an individual that enjoys learning new tools, working with data and performing analysis.  Leveraging their superb communication skills, the Intern will work in a highly collaborative environment that works toward aggressive timelines while maintaining quality.  Interested in being innovative and learning new techniques?  This could be the internship for you! 

     If interested, contact :

    Monica O’Neal, SHRM - SCP

    Anthem, Inc –Program Manager


  • Brickhouse Resources is a boutique staffing firm specializing in providing a fresh solution for companies searching for IT Talent. The Talent Builder program addresses the IT Talent Shortage and an Aging Workforce by providing access to a fully formed Campus Recruiting solution for companies without one or for companies that need to supplement an existing program.

    We are currently seeking candidates interested in paid internships in the Atlanta area.
    Interns should meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Current student or recent graduate in a graduate or undergraduate program with a strong academic standing
    • Strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills
    • Ability to work on a team as well as independently
    • Desire to gain professional experience; eager to learn
    • Exhibit initiative, motivation, and drive

    We are seeking candidates from the following Majors:

    • Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Analysis
    • Information Technology

    In addition to competitive pay, Brickhouse provides workforce preparation training and mentorship. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. If interested, please submit your resume to


  • Are you an upcoming MBA grad with an interest in Product Management? VMware’s growing Workspace ONE team is looking for someone to revolutionize the way companies securely deliver and manage devices and applications in the enterprise. 

    Apply today for this or other opportunities!

    *Must have Graduate Degree*

  • SPSU Alumni and local resident looking for an iOS Developer to develop a mobile app that ties into the standard iOS camera app. Based on a consultant’s review of the scope, a developer with some experience is required and should take 2 weeks or less.  The app will need an initial setup screen when launched for the first time, settings menu, and some minor art work. Experience rolling out a mobile app to the Apple App Store is not required but is part of the scope.

    Some experience in iOS development.
    Objective-C, Xcode
    Cross-platform a plus for possible Android rollout


    Contact John Schuler or 770-377-5422


  • Railserve, Inc., an Industry Advisory Board member of CCSE has an IT generalist position open:

  • Our client, located in Lawrenceville, GA, has a contract to hire opportunity for an entry level Web Developer with 1 to 2 years’ experience. The client is a Georgia based consumer products company with a focus on the pool and spa industry. The company is investing heavily in technology with the goal of revolutionizing the industry. To support its core business the company is committed to developing innovative consumer technologies like mobile APPs, connected devices and new pool water testing technologies. They are going to market with an omni-channel strategy and the Web Operations Associate will be responsible for supporting all aspects of their extensive web presence.



    If you excel at website development, user experience and have an advanced understanding of web programming languages then this is the role for you. About This Role: Title: Web Operations Associate is responsible for all aspects of a web sites architecture including template development, design, third party integrations, analytics, hosting, database connectivity, Content Management, account creation and support. In the role you will apply your understanding of website platforms, web development, industry trends and ecommerce systems to create sites based on our marketing team's requirements and target KPIs. You will concept the site from the requirements gather phase working with our design team to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation ensuring that each site is delivered consistently across multiple mobile and desktop platforms. You should be comfortable modifying existing code and collaborating with outside partners to develop and ultimately launch the site in our hosting environment with a CMS that enables quick updates when our businesses need them updated. You will also lead the integration of third party software solutions into our web sites such as education platforms, mapping solutions for store locators or analytics and tagging systems.


    Finally, you will manage operation and support processes that govern the web space for the entire global organization. Day to Day Summary the Web Operations Associate will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the companies 30+ web properties. You will work cross functionally with brand and product marketers to define business requirements and launch website, landing pages and marketing content. You will transform the marketing vision, designs and wireframes into content that can be managed within the CMS framework. You are responsible for content, HTML and, CSS templates structures for the content management system.



    What You Will Do

    • Coordinate with marketing brand managers to create the digital version of our brand experience
    • Structure web sites consistently while providing enough flexibility to accommodate different visual designs
    • Work with 3rd party developers to convert legacy websites into one compatible with our current Concrete5 CMS tool
    • Assume ownership of our tagging strategy to inform analytics and reporting
    • Minor backend coding as necessary to fix an issue or update templates
    • Content management for internal and external brand and corporate sites
    • Scripting data export requests from various databases behind our websites
    • Implement an improved version control for web site launches and updates
    • Configure DNS hosting and domain registrars Identify new activities and technologies for cost savings and efficiencies
    • Take over ownership of our $30 MM annual B2B ecommerce site
    • Think analytically; interpret data to create innovative online merchandising campaigns
    • Create project execution timelines; leading business and technical staff as a project manager
    • Successfully launch new web based applications and capabilities to support brand objectives
    • Identify and implement new technology and functionality to improve user experience
    • Manage content launches and ensure the marketing designs fits the CMS templates/framework
    • Develop all HTML/CSS template structures for to ensure user experience across an omni-channel environment
    • Manage 3rd party developers to ensure consistency code delivery
    • Provide a Tier 1 content support role to help resolve issues for the content managers
    • Support 3rd party tools or modules integrated with web properties.


     What You Need To Succeed:

    • A smart, self-starter that isn't afraid to challenge the status quo
    • 1-2 years of experience (Internships & Project work accepted as well)
    • A driven motivated individual that makes things happen
    • BS or technical education in web development or design Expertise in project management and the ability to manage multiple initiatives
    •  Strong communication skills and the ability to drive change working in cross-functional teams
    • Strong sense of urgency and ability to make decisions and manage change in a fast-paced environment
    • An entrepreneurial and innovative way of thinking.


    Please send resumes to

     Keywords: Web Development, Web Operations, Hosting, CSS/HTML, SQL, Web CMS, Website Marketing, Project Management, Ecommerce *PRO

  • The Data Scientist will perform complex modeling and algorithm development on large data sets to resolve disparate data into a single real world entity and develop relationship structures among entities.  Typical solutions will use probabilistic matching, machine learning and graph theory to resolve entities, and very large scale structured and unstructured data sets.  Additional responsibilities will be to develop proven processes to enhance data, develop quantitative and qualitative analysis to validate recommendations and create clear presentations.

    More Information:

  • About Travelport

    Travelport is a Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment, mobile and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. With a presence in approximately 180 countries, over 3,700 employees, and an additional 1,200 employees at IGT Solutions Private Ltd who provide us with application development services, our 2016 net revenue was over $2.35 billion. Travelport is comprised of:

    • A Travel Commerce Platform through which it facilitates travel commerce by connecting the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business (B2B) travel marketplace. Travelport has a leadership position in airline merchandising, hotel content and rate distribution, mobile travel commerce and a pioneering B2B payment solution that addresses the needs of travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely settle travel transactions.


    • Technology Services through which it provides critical IT services to airlines, such as shopping, ticketing, departure control and other solutions, enabling them to focus on their core business competencies and reduce costs.


    HRTS Analyst I

    • Working with databases and HR systems in functional role with regard to configurations, enhancements and customizations
    • Working with developers to customize reports, feeds, which would go to other systems
    • Driving systems in a unique way
    • The knowledge you gain from HR processes is phenomenal and is a great way to learn various HR functions


    Preferred Qualifications

    • A degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems, or related degree
    • 0-2 years of experience in database
    • Knowledge of and experience using SQL, Excel
    • Analytical thinker
    • Understanding of functions and formulas in database tables at a more functional level
    • Experience in configuring a system or module and/or adding fields
    • Creative, ability to think outside of the box and drive efficiencies for the business
    • Good written and verbal communication across all levels


    Please send resume and cover letters to

    The Network Associate is a part-time position that reports to the Director of IT.



    Keep the server and all client computers current with the latest updates.
    Provide technical support to staff to include adding/deleting user accounts, troubleshooting errors/problems, and managing user rights.
    Network and support peripheral devices such as wireless access points and printers.
    Administer the church's virus protection and web filtering policies. Troubleshoot/resolve problems resulting from viruses, spyware, etc.
    Configure new computers and rebuild/reformat some older computers every three years or as needed.
    Perform routine tape backups and ensure a backup tape is kept offsite weekly.
    Assist with technical administration of the website as needed.
    Assist with administration of the phone and voice mail system as needed.
    Other duties as assigned by the Business Administrator.
    Email resumes to Morgan Williams at to apply.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • The internship course is 3 credit hours.

  • You can take the intership course once.

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Computer Science 

    Undergraduate – can only  be used for a free elective
    Graduate – can be used for CS 7995


    Can only be used for free elective

    Information Technology

    Undergraduate -  Can be used toward your concentration elective or a free elective
    Graduate – Can used for an elective

    Software Engineering

    Undergraduate – Can be used toward your upper level elective (must meet departmental guidelines to qualify)
    Graduate – Can be used toward your elective (must meet departmental guidelines to qualify)

  • You must have an approved and signed learning agreement submitted one week prior to the 1st day of classes for the semester in which you will be doing the internship.

    *Note: after your agreement has been filled out by your supervisor and signed, then it must be submitted to the Internship coordinator for approval as well takes on average 48-72 hrs. Upon approval, you will be given instructions to submit an override to register for the course and that can also take up to a week to process.  The earlier you submit the better you are.

  • You can first contact the CCSE Internship Coordinator at for more information for internships for credit.  For non-credit internships or co-ops, contact Career Planning and Development. 

    Once you decide you would like to do an internship, you must find the internship.  Career Planning and Development has numerous available and your CCSE Internship Coordinator may also be able to help.  You should also attend the CCSE Internship Networking Event every Fall (September) and Spring (March).  Career Planning and Development also has Career Fairs in the fall and spring.

    Once you accept an offer for the internship, work with your supervisor to complete your learning agreement. You and your work supervisor should sign and date the agreement. Also obtain a current job description for your internship.

    Scan and Submit via email the signed learning agreement, along with a current job description, to the CCSE Internship Coordinator for approval – you will either be approved or asked for more information and/or changes, assuming you qualify for credit.

    Once  approved, you will be given an override to register for the course.

    Register for the course, pay your tuition and start your internship.

    During your internship you will submit bi-weekly status reports of your work; will also be asked to submit an evaluation from your supervisor during midterm and at end of the term.  You will be required to submit a final report (outline in the syllabus for the course) and poster. Graduate students will be required to submit an additional extensive paper relating the internship to specific courses they have taken during their academic career.

  • 150+ during the semester
  • Can work 40 hrs a week during summer if and only if it is not their final semester and they are not graduating in the summer term.

    If it is your final semester and/or you are graduating in summer, they can only work 20 hrs a week.

    All international students work a maximum of 20 hrs a week during fall and spring semesters.

    All work is counted toward these hours, both on and off campus, paid and unpaid. (so, if you are approved for 40 hrs internship in summer and you also want to work as a GRA, you won't be able to GRA unless you cut your internship hours -- it is a total of 40 hrs of all your work hours)