Co-Ops, Internships and Jobs

Are you looking to gain some experience in your field? Do you want to gain course credit or even get paid to work? An internship/co-op is exactly what you're looking for!


If you are interested in internships, please visit the following page for FAQS. If you are ready to apply, please follow the internship application instructions.  Read more on the internships requirements, process and other helpful information.


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Co-Op, Internship and Job Requirements

All internships must go through an approval process before a student can be authorized to enroll in the course. Each degree has certain requirements for approval. All internships must be technical in nature and related to your degree.

General information is below, but specific academic eligibility requirements can be found here Internships and Co-ops College-Specific Information - Department of Career Planning and Development ( under College of Computing and Software Engineering

    • Computer Science Students - Counts as MAJOR or CONCENTRATION ELECTIVE (students must have credits available)
    • Information Technology - Counts as CONCENTRATION or DIRECTED ELECTIVE (will count as "out of concentration" elective in concentration)
    • Software Engineering - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE (must be software development internship)
    • Game Design and Development - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE
    • MSCS - Counts as Elective
    • MSIT - Counts as Elective
    • MSSWE - Counts as Elective
    • Look on Handshake and apply for internships
    • Look on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to find internships
    • Attend all events possible where industry professionals will be present & bring resumes
    • Attend the Internship Networking Events & Career Fairs
    • Make an appointment to speak with your Internship Coordinator,


  • darin morrow

    CCSE Internship Coordinator

    Darin Morrow is here to answer any questions you may have about internships, co-ops, and future job opportunities! He works side-by-side with the Career Planning & Development department to bring industry partners and students together.

    Office: Atrium Building J:303



  • I decided to work in a co-op because it allowed me to gain experience in my major. It also gives you a competitive advantage after graduation because you can put the co-op on your resume.”

  • My co-op allowed me to test my knowledge at a corporate level and helped me to decide if I wanted to major in Computer Science or Software Engineering.”

  • This internship has truly bridged the gap between classroom and field and it will definitely make my transition from graduation to career a much smoother and confident experience.”