Co-Ops, Internships and Jobs

Are you looking to gain some experience in your field? Do you want to gain course credit or even get paid to work? An internship/co-op is exactly what you're looking for!

Co-Op, Internship and Job Requirements

All internships must go through an approval process before a student can be authorized to enroll in the course. Each degree has certain requirements for approval. All internships must be technical in nature and related to your degree.  

    • Computer Science Students - Counts as FREE ELECTIVE (students must have credits available in FREE ELECTIVE)
    • Information Technology - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE (will count as "out of concentration" elective in concentration)
    • Software Engineering - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE (must be software development internship)
    • Game Design and Development - Counts as MAJOR ELECTIVE
    • MSCS - Counts as Elective
    • MSIT - Counts as Elective
    • MSSWE - Counts as Elective
    • Look on Handshake and apply for internships
    • Look on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to find internships
    • Attend all events possible where industry professionals will be present & bring resumes
    • Attend the Internship Networking Events & Career Fairs
    • Make an appointment to speak with your Internship Coordinator,


  • Dawn Tatum Headshot

    CCSE Internship Coordinator

    Mrs. Dawn Tatum is here to answer any questions you may have about internships, co-ops and future job opportunities! She works side-by-side with the Career Planning & Development department to bring industry partners and students together.

    Office: KSU Marietta Campus, Atrium (J) 358



  • I decided to work in a co-op because it allowed me to gain experience in my major. It also giveyou a competitive advantage after graduation because you can put the co-op on your resume.”

  • My co-op allowed me to test my knowledge at a corporate level and helped me to decide if I wanted to major in Computer Science or Software Engineering.”