CS PhD Student Highlights

Newest Student Achievements

Congratulations Shapna Akter! She won 1st place in graduate research on C-day: Fall 2022 C-Day Winners - College of Computing and Software Engineering (kennesaw.edu)

Congratulations Pablo Ordonez! He was awarded a patent for work to detect Microaneurysms on funds retinal images, which represents less
than 1% of the whole image. While most of the studies focussed on
detect advanced stages of DR, this study was oriented to detect
lesions with a size of 10x10 pixels in an image of 2000x2000 or
more pixels. The study created novel techniques of imagining
processing, and a combination of Deep Learning architectures
and biostatistics to detect those lesions.

Featured PHD Student Highlights

  • Emin Mary Abraham

    Emin Mary Abraham

    • Hometown: India
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science and Engineering
    • Master’s Degree: Computer Cognition Technology
    • Mst Shapna Akter

      Mst Shapna Akter

      • Hometown: Bangladesh
      • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science
      • Biggest Accomplishment: Being accepted in a Journal paper as a first author.
      • Syed Md Shamsul Alam

        Syed Md Shamsul Alam

        • Hometown: Dhaka,Bangladesh
        • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science and Engineering
        • Biggest Accomplishment: My first paper was published in the IEEE conference.
        • Abm. Adnan Azmee

          Abm. Adnan Azmee

          • Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
          • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science and Engineering
          • Biggest Accomplishment: I stood 5th from Bangladesh in Information-Technology Engineers Examination.
          • Md Jobair Hossain Faruk

            Md Jobair Hossain Faruk

            • Hometown: Barishal, Bangladesh
            • Bachelor’s Degree: Software Engineering  
            • Master’s Degree: Software Engineering
            • Biggest Accomplishment: Best paper award for one of my research papers at IEEE International Conference on Health Informatics (ICHI) 2022.
            • Thinh Le

              Thinh Le

              • Hometown:  Vietnam
              • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science
                Biggest Accomplishment: I am just starting out in the field of Quantum Computing. I'm also interested in the application of data science particularly anomaly detection to smart homes.
              • Manh Nguyen

                Manh Nguyen

                • Hometown: Nghe, Vietnam
                • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science
                • Biggest Accomplishments: After my Freshmen year ended, I decided to take on the challenge of learning the English language.  I am from Vietnam, and it is a very big deal to learn the English language.  I received my IELTS test results in July 2017 and received an amazing score. I am very proud of these accomplishments because I became accountable for my own decisions and furthering myself from many different angles. 
                • Pablo Ordonez

                  Pablo Ordonez

                  • Hometown: Brookhaven, Georgia
                  • Degrees: MCS, General Surgeon, MD
                  • Biggest Accomplishments: I have three big accomplishments that I care deeply about and those are becoming a father, having a patent and being able to save people's lives.
                  • David Stabler

                    David Stabler

                    • Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
                    • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Science
                    • Master’s Degree: Computer Science
                    • Biggest Accomplishment:  I received an outstanding part time teaching award in the college of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University.
                    • Navneet Verma

                      Navneet Verma

                      • MBA- Management Science
                      • Master’s Degree:  Computer Science & Mathematics
                      • Biggest Accomplishment: I enjoy solving business problems using artificial intelligence and applied mathematics.