• DSL students gathered around, holding up their award certificates.

    Decentralized Science Lab (dSL)

    The Decentralized Science Lab (dSL) is a research lab focused on advancing knowledge and driving innovation in decentralized computing and its enabling technologies such as Federated Learning and Blockchain.

  • A pair of hands holding controllers, playing video games.

    Center for Applied Computing

    The mission of the Center for Applied Computing at Kennesaw State University (KSU) is to bring together a diverse collection of teachers and researchers to create game and media applications for enhancing K-16 learning, corporate training, entertainment, and public policy advocacy. The center also provides a venue in which undergraduate and graduate game and media projects can develop into commercially viable products.

  • An eye with a computerized frame overlayed it.

    Center for Machine Vision and Security Research

    The mission of this center is to promote fundamental research in the areas of image processing, and information security, to provide a state-of-the-art research environment for faculty, professionals and students, to transfer new machine vision and information security technologies to private/government sectors, to establish collaboration with scientists from national and international research laboratories, institutions and industry, and to present research findings to the research community regarding the advancement in the machine vision and information security research.