CCSE Partnerships

With emphasis on theory and practice, the College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) students have experiential learning opportunities and partner with companies through internships, co-ops, sponsored capstone projects, and theoretical applied research.

Partnerships help strengthen our outcomes, improve our community, and better serve our business partners. Through engaged collaboration with our partners, we can ensure our curriculum is aligned with the skill set needed to produce the highest caliber of "workforce ready" graduates.

Meet Your Contact

dawn tatum


Ms. Dawn Tatum is your go-to contact for all the partnership opportunities within CCSE.

Office: KSU Marietta Campus, Atrium (J) 358




We offer partnerships with our students through a variety of ways:

  • The CCSE Hackathon is the College’s premier event in showcasing student talent and connecting companies to our students. Through dedicated “threads” (aka themes) within the event, companies can raise awareness of opportunities for students to work with them, increase brand awareness, and locate top talent for computing workforce. 

    *Requires extensive preparation and commitment*

  • These projects are done once semester with student groups of 4-5 students. These projects require approximately 400 man hours of work as well as a presentation/recognition at our bi-annual Computing Showcase (C-Day).
  • During our Industry Talks series, industry professionals give presentations and/or workshops on specific technological areas of interest to our students. These sessions are usually followed by a recruitment session.
  • This 2-day "speed networking" event takes place bi-annually (Fall/Spring semester). The event consists of a total of 10 companies and 100 students. Companies participate by invitation only.

    Upcoming Event: March 2 & 3, 2022
  • Come and speak in one of our classroom sessions! These are based on subject area & availability.
  • These projects allow a company/individual to have a dedicated team of students and faculty to produce a product, where the intellectual property and all rights are retained by the company/individual. These are contracted projects and a sponsorship is required. Contracts are negotiated based on scope of the project.
  • Work with our career planning resources to host workshops to help our students with technical and behavioral-based interviews, professionalism in the workplace, career strategy and soft skills (Fall/Spring semesters).
  • We are always willing to discuss what you would like to do and how that fits within our college!

Benefits for Partners

  • Advertise  career opportunities at no cost through our career services center
  • Participate in student-focused CCSE events including STEM Career Fair, capstone presentation events, Computing Showcase (C-Day) and annual CCSE Hackacthon.
  • Bring new perspective to old problems through students' insights
  • Contribute to overall students acheivement and enhance the student experience
  • Recognized publicly as a Partner of the CCSE website
  • Promote your corporate brand and improve company awareness 

If you would like to speak to someone regarding partnership opportunities, please fill out the form below.

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