A World of Opportunity

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When Kim Hertz arrived at Kennesaw State in 2014, she didn’t know anyone on or off campus. Her lone lifeline was family members who happened to live in the area.

Data Impact

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When you think of data science, images of complex code and data structures may immediately come to mind, but for Kennesaw State University graduate Mizzani Walker-Holmes, this field has the potential to change lives.

Hands-Free Mapping

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Much like Google Maps collects information from motorists to plot out roadways, Kennesaw State University students are using data from smartphones to more efficiently map indoor spaces.

Kennesaw State Receives Grant To Improve Computing Readiness And Diversity

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Kennesaw State University’s College of Computing and Software Engineering has been awarded a $50,000 grant in an ongoing effort to prepare middle school students interested in computing and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Market Research

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A trio of Kennesaw State University students are conducting research on economic freedom, cryptocurrency and market factors affecting illicit drug prices, as the first undergraduate research fellows in the Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity.

Computing Against The Clock

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For three nights following the kickoff, Benjamin Lee, Aaron Badgett and Emily Barbour – all of whom are students in Kennesaw State University’s College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) – worked together as a team to solve a complex problem posed by one of the college’s industry partners. During that time, the students leaned on their studies and grappled with topics ranging from data analytics to machine learning in order to pull together a solution. However, the first hurdle was getting to know each other.

Words That Sell

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The difference between a best-selling pillow and one that underperforms on could rely on descriptors like “fluffy” and “soft.” After using a complex set of computer algorithms and machine learning, recent Kennesaw State University alumnus Michael Kranzlein found that the success of products on could be directly tied to specific words and images used in product descriptions. Kranzlein, who graduated with a master’s in computer science this May, said he noticed a lack of research on using algorithms to analyze best-sellers on ecommerce platforms. After enrolling at Kennesaw State in 2016, he focused his research on developing a system capable of identifying best-selling products with up to 80 percent accuracy.

Kennesaw State grows high-tech gaming program

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Kennesaw State University senior Derek Martin was in a windowless classroom on a recent afternoon, having a blast as he stared at a computer screen.

Martin, 22, was playing video games as part of his classwork. More specifically, he was playing video games he created.

Anxiety: The Game

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Growing up with anxiety, Kennesaw State junior Melissa Gilmer found it difficult to articulate what it felt like to be gripped by immense fear and stress.

Speaking to others about having anxiety didn’t adequately convey her daily struggle, nor did writing her experiences on paper. It wasn’t until she took a course in digital media and interaction that she found a platform well suited to tell her story: a game. - February 14, 2018

Class of 2022

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Being first has its advantages, and local high school senior David VanAsselberg now has the Kennesaw State swag to show it. He recently earned distinction as the first student in the Class of 2022 – a milestone in the University’s new competitive admissions model. 

The Roswell High School senior was surprised with a celebratory visit from members of Kennesaw State’s undergraduate admissions team for being the first among this year’s accepted freshman class to officially submit his enrollment deposit, confirming his attendance at Kennesaw State for the fall of 2018. - January 19, 2018

Intersection Safety

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Could a traffic agency identify a potentially dangerous road intersection without first witnessing a collision?

Three Kennesaw State University researchers and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) are attempting to answer that question as they near completion on a two-year proof-of-concept study to develop an image-based system for monitoring and assessing the safety of intersections. - January 9, 2018



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