Kennesaw State Computing Master’s

High Demand. High Pay. Highly Satisfying.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available and only 400,000 qualified applicants.* 

If you want to make a difference and have an impact on the world around you through computing degrees, the college of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University is for you!

You will also learn about our three master’s programs: Information Technology, Computer Science and Software Engineering!

The College offers foundation certificates in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Technology to help students with non-computing-related undergraduate degrees to transition into a Computing Master’s programs, or to obtain an entry-level positions in the industry.

Why Computing?

  • Computing is a means to empower people and improve the lives of Georgians and others around the world; as such, we encourage collaboration with other disciplines to find new opportunities to apply computing in new ways to solve today’s most challenging problems. 

    If you want to make a difference and improve the world around you, the College of Computing and Software Engineering at KSU is for you! Some of the most popular career choices for our alumni include:

    Position (Average annual salary)

    • Software Engineer/Developer ($96K)
    • Computer System Analyst ($73k)
    • Computer System Engineer ($86K)
    • Network Systems Administrator ($68K)
    • Database Administrator ($85K)
    • Business Intelligence Analyst ($83K)
    • Web Developer ($78K)
    • Computer Programmer (Sr.) ($79K)
    • Software Systems Developer ($86K)
    • Software Quality Assurance Tester ($90K)
    • Java Developer ($102K)
    • C++ Developer ($115K)



    Graduate Internships 

    Graduate internships provide resume-building experiences and allow you to integrate professional practice while applying academic concepts and principles. During an internship, you can gain practical experience, expand your professional network and develop career opportunities.  A full-time internship coordinator is available to provide assistance. More information on internships here.


  • You can choose from online or on campus classes taught in the College of Computing and Software Engineering.  Our flexible offerings even allow you to take completely online, completely face-to-face or combination of online and f2f courses based on your availability and interest.

    Our programs emphasize hands-on learning, real-world research and project-based experiences to provide the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to meet today’s complex challenges.

    Graduate Programs
    MS in Computer Science
    MS in Information Technology
    MS in Software Engineering

    Graduate Certificates
    Computer Science Foundations
    Data Management and Analytics
    High Performance Cluster Computing, HPCC
    Health Information Technology
    IT Foundations
    IT Security
    Software Engineering
    Software Engineering Foundations

    Transfer students are welcome.  Up to 9 credits may be accepted for transfer.

  • The College of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University offers multiple benefits to students, faculty, staff and alumni, including:

    • Outstanding faculty
    • Sophisticated facilities
    • Cutting edge technology and curriculum
    • Extensive discovery and research opportunities
    • Personalized attention available to our students

    Our mission is to set and maintain high-quality academic standards for student success and to help improve the quality of life by tackling tomorrow's complex problems through the application of computing.

  • Earning a graduate degree of certificate from Kennesaw State’s College of Computing and Software Engineering is a wise investment in your future.  The skills and experiences you gain will enhance your earning and job advancement opportunities.

    Kennesaw State’s computing programs have been ranked as being one of the best Return on Investment, ROI, programs in the U.S. and in the top 3 in Georgia by Payscale.

    Cost of KSU online instate/out-of-state graduate tuition: $408 per credit hour 

    Cost of KSU onsite instate graduate tuition: $283 per credit hour. Onsite out-of-state  graduate tuition: $1020 per credit hour

    • Online and onsite resources including library, bookstore, advising and more.
    • Classes are designed for adults with three timing options: evening, online or a combination.
    • Graduate Certificates are also available for quick mastery of subject knowledge.
  • For questions about graduate applications and the admission process, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at 470.578.4377 or

    For program-specific questions, contact:

    Computer Science
    Dr. Yong Shi
    Professor & MSCS Program Coordinator

    Software Engineering
    Dr. Paola Spoletini
    Associate Professor, Assistant Department Chair & Graduate Program Coordinator of Software Engineering

    Information Technology
    Dr. Lei Li
    Associate Professor & MSIT Program Coordinator



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