Graduate Certificate in IT Security

Information security is one of the fastest-growing areas in information technology and information management. It is the foundation of enterprise decision-making and reliable business processes. This program prepares students for a variety of positions such as information security officer, security manager, operational manager, systems and network manager, legal professional, risk manager, and information professional. Information security is especially important in banking and finance, public health, health care, and other highly-regulated industries. Those who complete the program successfully will be prepared in security awareness, incident response to system compromise, defense strategies, configuration management, and legal issues.

The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Security Program is designed for IT professionals who have a bachelor’s degree or have taken the Information Technology Fundamentals Graduate Certificate (or the equivalent through other course work) to advance their knowledge in the field of information security.

Students graduating with this program will have a strong background in fundamental principles and applications of computer security, as well as hands-on experience with security tools commonly used in industry.

Program Requirements 


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