Submission Guidelines


Please - we want you to be successful, but failure to follow these instructions will result in a zero for your grade.

*Note #1: Though you can use whatever IDE you'd like at home, IntelliJ is what we recommend and is what is installed in the labs.  Similarly, our recommended/installed IDE for C# and C++ is Visual Studio.  If you're on a Mac, you may try running XCode at home (which should be free in the AppStore).

** Note #2: When submitting files to Gradescope, please make sure to submit all relevant files every time you upload to Gradescope, because previously uploaded files will not be visible to us.  

Labs and Assignments using Source Code - submitted in Gradescope:

  1. Follow the instructions that are posted on our website to complete your lab exercise.  For in-class sections, lab exercises must be checked in class by the Instructor or GTA for credit and submitted in Gradescope.
  2. Upload the source code files to the assignment submission folder in Gradescope:
    • C# - .cs files only
    • Java - .java files only
    • C++ - .cpp files only, though submit .h files when appropriate. 
  3. The files must be uploaded by the due date.

Assignments using Pseudocode - submitted in Gradescope:

  1. Create pseudocode solutions to the problems in the Assignment document.
  2. For Assignment 1 – you will submit your pseudocode with your source code in one document per sub-assignment.  The pseudocode must be commented out (//) in the source code.  You should receive an immediate score for your source code and will receive a score for your pseudocode later.
  3. Pseudocode-only assignments should be submitted as a single Word or PDF document to the assignment submission folder in Gradescope. 
  4. Source code should be submitted as described below.
  5. The files must be uploaded to Gradescope by the due date.
  6. The pseudocode must be complete and following the standards listed at