First Year Experience Resources

We want you to be successful, and to do so, you should use the resources below. 


  • Professors – Professors have office hours, so this is a great way to get clarification about lecture content.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants – Our GTAs run the labs, so if you have questions about labs or assignments, reach out to them.
  • Tutoring Center – Located on the second floor of the Atrium Building (J), the tutoring center is available for online appointments or walk-ins.
  • Advising Center – Located across the hall from the Tutoring Center.


Books for CSE 1300

This course utilizes OER (Open Educational Resources). We provide all course materials to you free of charge. Please see the course schedule for links to weekly reading/viewing/listening assignments.

Books for CSE 1321

Note!  In the Reading Schedule below, you will see a "generic" reading for all students followed by language-specific readings.  The page numbers in the reading schedule are exclusively for the Programming Fundamentals book.  The remaining three books are optional resources.

List of books:

Books for CSE 1322

Lecture Slides

Old Exams

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

You can use whatever development environment you like, but we officially only support IntelliJ and Visual Studio.  Note, during your face-to-face lab final exam, you will be required to use one of these two environments.  Windows users will likely want the 64-bit version when they install.  In summary: