First Year Experience

Computing is a dynamic field that impacts millions of people around the world. Every industry uses computers to improve lives, deliver business value, and improve efficiency. We’re excited that you are interested in studying computing and we are here to help you. Some of you may start in CSE 1321 or CSE 1322. Others may want a general introduction to computing and want to build their foundational knowledge with CSE 1300. All of these classes are part of FYE: First Year Experience.

The First Year Experience is a group of people dedicated to helping you become a successful computing professional. Our team includes Lecturers, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, Graders, and Tutors who are all here to help you do your very best. Computing heavily relies upon logic, problem solving, and algorithmic thinking. To understand and practice these concepts, you’ll spend your first year of studies focusing on learning and applying the fundamental ideas of programming.

All of our programs begin with the same two classes: CSE 1321 Programming and Problem Solving I and CSE 1322 Programming and Problem Solving II. These classes are taught from a language agnostic perspective—focusing on how computing concepts can be applied to problems and less on specific programing language constructs.  You’ll get your hands on experience with a programming language in the Lab. We offer different language labs for CSE 1321: Java, C#, and starting Fall '19, C++. Our CSE 1322 class also has a language lab. Currently, we only offer Java and C# for CSE 1322. Historically, Computer Science stuents have taken Java, Software Engineering and Game Development students have taken C#, and Information Technology students have taken Python (which has now changed to Java).   Engineering students are required to take C++.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full year of programming classes, or you are totally new to computer science and want to start with the basics, you may want to take our CSE 1300 Introduction to Computing Principles class. This class was specifically designed for students who are looking for a broad overview of computing that will also provide a foundation for CSE 1321. While this course is not required for our degree programs, it provides the knowledge to set you up for success in your later classes. It also may count as a free elective course—talk to one of our advisors to see if this course is right for you.

If you have questions or concerns, please come see us. Our office is in the J building on the 3rd floor, room J353D. We’re excited to be here, and we’re looking forward to making your first year of computing the best year ever.

The FYE Team