Faculty Course Assessment Reports (FCARs)

If you have questions, contact:
Bill Forsyth
Svetlana Peltsverger

The data is extracted from D2L twice per semester: after the midterm and when the grades are posted.

The midterm batch is used to identify potential problems in the section setup.

The end of the semester batch is combined with grades and sent to the instructor as a draft FCAR.

Instructions for D2L Competencies and Learning Outcomes

Link to submit final reports. After submission the file will be moved to secured folder, if you need to resubmit your file, just drop another copy.

To set up a D2L section for automatic FCARs generation, see https://ccse.kennesaw.edu/faculty-resources/forms-documents/d2l_for_fcars.php 

According to  the CCSE Faculty Expectations, the FCARS are due by  the  end  of  the  second  week  of  the next semester.  Spring course assessment  forms are  due  at  the  end  of  the  second week  in  June. 

FCAR template