D2L Competencies and Learning Outcomes

Course Outcome Packages

Packages generated by Bill Forsyth http://ccseonline.kennesaw.edu/fcars/ 

Important: To keep outcomes in a new D2L section, import/export all outcomes, tests, assignments and grades, otherwise the links to outcomes will be broken. 

If you cannot find a package for your course, you can generate it:

  1. Downloading and unzip this zip file.
  2. Open the competency_d2l_1.xml file and change the name of your course and the description of the learning outcomes. Keep LO1, LO2, etc. names. If you have more than 4 outcomes, you have to create additional CompetencyObjects. The XML files must be in the root of the ZIP file.
     xml zip
  3. Zip the updated competency_d2l_1.xml and the original imsmanifest.xml together.


  1. 9 min quick overview (video).
    • marker 1:00 how to delete outcomes and competencies;
    • marker 1:30 how to create your own course outcome package;
    • marker 3:30 how to import the package;
    • marker 4:30 how to map an assessment grade to outcomes (do not use rubrics);
    • marker 5:30 how to map selected test/quiz questions to outcomes (do not use rubrics);
    • marker 6;30 how to check that your section is set up correctly; 
  2. Full Setup (pdf).
  3. Workshops (session 1, session 2 repeat).
  4. Check that everything is set up correctly:
    • Full instructions (pdf).
    • Quick check: replace xxxxxxx with the 7-digit section code https://kennesaw.view.usg.edu/d2l/lms/competencies/competency_results.d2l?uid=12345&ou=xxxxxxx ou
      You should see performance required % for both grades and quiz questions (do not use rubrics).


  1. The preliminary Faculty Course Assessment Reports (FCARs) will be generated every semester after the midterm. The FCARs will be saved on the departmental SharePoint site. The instructor of the section and the course coordinator should check the report and correct D2L outcomes setup.
  2. The final FCARs will be generated every semester after the grades are posted. The FCARs will be saved on the departmental SharePoint site. The instructor is responsible for adding reflections to the report.

If a D2L section is not setup for FCAR generation, the report will have the course outcomes and grade distribution only.
The UITS runs D2L data extracts twice a semester. Bill Forsyth generates the reports for CCSE.