Hackathon 2020

Hackathon 2020 Logo Design By Merry Nguyen Kennesaw State
   Logo design and development by student creator Merry Nguyen, senior KSU Computer Science undergraduate student.

Three students at Hackathon event.
Students on their computers during Hackathon event, working hard.
Three ladies smiling at the camera, participating in Hackathon.

The College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) Hackathon is our college's premier event in showcasing student talent and connecting companies to our students. Through dedicated "threads" (aka themes) within the event, companies can raise awareness of opportunities for students to work with them, increase brand awareness, and locate top talent for computing workforce. Students can hone their skills, apply the knowledge they gain inside the classroom in authentic, real-world problems, and connect with internship and job opportunities.

Speakers presenting at Hackathon event.Come together with friends and other students, meet new people, strengthen your design and development skills, and connect with companies eager to identify talent and see what you can make… all within one weekend. This hackathon will strengthen your resume, let you apply what you are doing in the classroom into rea-world scenarios, and let you connect with employers for possibly internships, part time and full time job opportunities.

The CCSE Hackathon is open to all undergraduate and graduate CCSE (ACS, BASIT, IT, CS, SWE, CGDD and PhD in Data Science and Analytics).

A student smiling while working with his Hackathon teammates.Each industry sponsor will present challenges related to their thread of industry. Multiple challenges are possible for each sponsor. In each of these challenges, students will be chosen to form teams of 3 (and strictly no more than 3) to solve these challenges presenting the best of our students in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Game Development. Many different skillsets on every team are desired for the best results for our industry leaders.


Hackathon Winners 2020

Congratulations to all our winners! Many of these students will have the distinct privilege of being asked to present to senior leadership at these companies and have been moved to the top of the list of eligible candidates for any internship and job opportunities that are available.

1st Place Teams

HPCC Systems: Lydia Vaine, Jonathan-Henry Chery, Alex Henson

MagMutual: David Blunk, Nicolas Capparelli, Andrew Goeden

Wellstar: Caitlyn Murphy, James Bond, Nick Genova

2nd Place Teams

HPCC Systems: Abedul Hoque, Yasha Jones, Ngan Tran

MagMutual: Baboucarr Sanneh, Ashiv Sharma, Munia Rahman

Wellstar: Issouf Kindo, My Anh Huynh

3rd Place Teams

HPCC Systems: Srivasta Mallpragada, Noah Gardner, Anthony Phan

MagMutual: Jiaming Li, Xiao Zhang, Houida Aldih

Wellstar: Andre Dumas, Naquan Smith, Barrett Rose


Hackathon Challenges

  • Will Appear on September 16, 2020 at 12pm!

  • Service Now challenge. 


Register for 2020 Hackathon

You can select to register your Team and Create a Team Name, followed by the information for all team members at once. No more than three members will be allowed for your team. Please pick your primary choice for a challenge. You can come back to your registration and make changes up to the date of the kickoff. If you do not have a team, one will be assigned to you and published prior so you can communicate with them prior to the kickoff. You will be allowed to change teams and challenges during the kickoff check-in process depending on slots available. Each sponsor will have a cap for the number of teams/slots available. Best to pick your favorite early! Picking a sponsor will not guarantee you will be on that team – it will be first come, first serve!

Food and snacks will be provided throughout the week and weekend during the Hackathon, computer labs will be open for working on projects with industry sponsors and faculty during the weekend, attendees can come and go as needed throughout the weekend (and work on projects off campus), with the exception of Wednesday and Saturday when all attendees are expected to attend the final presentations and awards dinner. 

CCSE Hackathon Program Agenda

Hackathon Challenges

The challenge videos will go live on our site https://ccse.kennesaw.edu/events/hackathon.php  Friday, September 11, 12pm and on watch for our CCSE Hackathon 2020 Playlist on the CCSE YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5Z1jmCpVW-3q9zb1WqT98jgsZgDoTdzo 

Sponsor Q&A Sessions (Monday, September 14, 10-12pm)

Registered Participants will receive links to Q&A sessions via email

Virtual Check-In & Late Registration

Late Registration starts Friday, September 11 and continues through Monday, September 14, 6pm

Virtual Check-In Monday, September 14th, 12-6pm

2020 Hackathon Check In

Schedule for pickup of "Hackathon 2020 Survival Boxes"

Students can pick up boxes Tuesday, September 15 - Friday, September 18th

Location: Marietta Campus, Building J, Room 381

Tuesday, September 15th, 12-4pm

Wednesday, September 16th, 4-6pm

Thursday, September 17th, 12-4pm

Friday, September 18th, 10-2pm

**Survival Box contains swag from all sponsors, snacks, Hackathon 2020 branded large poker chip, and some surprises! Boxes only available to active/participating students in the hackathon. 

Hackathon Teams Officially Start Monday, September 14, 7pm and continues through Saturday, September 19, 11am. 

Ask questions and interact with your mentors via the CCSEHackathon Slack channel #ksuccsehackathon– invitation to join will be sent via email

Virtual Judging Sessions in Microsoft Teams (Saturday, September 19, 1-4pm)

Student Teams will receive link via email to submit your solutions

Student Teams will present virtually via Teams for judging – invites will be sent through email to all student teams checked-in

Awards Ceremony in Microsoft Teams (Saturday, September 19th, 6-7:30pm)

6:00-6:15pm Welcome and Introductions, Dawn Tatum

6:15-6:30pm: Welcome from the Dean of the College of Computing and Software Engineering, Dr. Jon Preston

6:30-6:50pm: HPCC Systems

           Introduction, Dawn Tatum

           HPCC Systems Remarks

           Winners Announced (3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place)

            Screenshot of each group of winners

6:50-7:10pm: MagMutual

          Introduction, Dawn Tatum

          MagMutual Remarks

          Winners Announced (3rd Place, 2nd place, and 1st place)

            Screenshot of each group of winners

7:10-7:25pm: Wellstar

         Introduction, Dawn Tatum

         Wellstar Remarks

         Winners Announced (3rd Place, 2nd place, and 1st place)

          Screenshot of each group of winners

7:25-7:30pm: Concluding Remarks from Dean Preston

Final Group Screenshot of Everyone!


Thank you to all of our generous sponsors: HPCC Systems, InComm, MagMatual and Wellstar!

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The 2020 CCSE Hackathon sponsors include MagMutual, InComm, HPCC Systems and Wellstar. Displayed here are each of their logos.

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