Spring 2023 Hackathon for Social Good 

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2023 spring hackathon winners 1st place theam friendship 2nd place team wam 3rd place avalanche
2023 hackathon winners 1st place Scrapettes 2nd place Mayans 3rd place Avalanche


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Challenge Sponsor

HPCC Systems, LexisNexis, MagMutual

The College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) Hackathon is our college's premier event in showcasing student talent and connecting companies to our students. Through dedicated "threads" (aka themes) within the event, companies can raise awareness of opportunities for students to work with them, increase brand awareness, and locate top talent for computing workforce. Students can hone their skills, apply the knowledge they gain inside the classroom in authentic, real-world problems, and connect with internship and job opportunities.

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Come together with friends and other students, meet new people, strengthen your design and development skills, and connect with companies eager to identify talent and see what you can make… all within one weekend. This hackathon will strengthen your resume, let you apply what you are doing in the classroom into rea-world scenarios, and let you connect with employers for possibly internships, part time and full time job opportunities.

The CCSE Hackathon is open to all KSU students. For students that do not already have a team, don't worry! We will pair you with a team based on your strengths and weaknesses. This is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills. 

Each industry sponsor will present challenges related to their thread of industry. Multiple challengesare possible for each sponsor. In each of these challenges, students will be chosen to form teams of 3 or less to solve these challenges presenting the best of our students in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Game Development, and KSU as a whole. Many different skillsets on every team are desired for the best results for our industry leaders.

The offical CCSE Discord channel will be the main platform for sponsor mentoring during the Hackathon. Each sponsor will have their own unique channel and students participating in their challenge will be able to join. The CCSE Executive Discord Leadership Team will place students in the appropriate channels based on the Hackathon Teams spreadsheet provided by Professor Dawn Tatum as students check-in.