2021 Hackathon Challenges

The offical CCSE Discord will be the main platform for sponsor mentoring during the Hackathon.  Each Sponsor will have their own unique channel and students participating in their challenge will be able to join.  The CCSE Executive Discord Leadership Team will place students in the appropriate channels based on the Hackathon Teams spreadsheet provided by Professor Dawn Tatum as students check-in.

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1st Place: Christopher Briscoe, Merrick McPherson, and Cameron Cherry
2nd Place: Suma Veeravenkatappa, Sri Khandavilli, and Priyanka Pola
3rd Place: Stephen Sulimani, Krista Gibson, and Luke Zeches


ESG themed investing - Climate Change

View Challenge Details Here.

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1st Place: Munif Khateb and Malik Naik Mohammed
2nd Place: Andrujar Brutus and Andrew Brown
3rd Place: Cora Meador, Ryan Deem, and Joseph Tierno


Artifical Intelligence
Vector Modeling

Challenge Details:
Implement a Deep Learning seach engine! You will be provided with the resources and guidance to implement a fully functional AI solution, and get to explore various aspects of one of the most exciting areas in computing today.

'How tall is the tower in Paris?' How Bing knows it's about the Eiffel Tower (microsoft.com)



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1st Place: Shubhani Garg, Ode Miller, and Amali Kahaduwe
2nd Place: Tiffany Agri, Sanjay Bhadra, and Suzan Manasreh
3rd Place: Phillip Bell and Kuehan Lee


Website Challenge

Challenge Details:
Wellstar Website Styling Challenge

Video: https://youtu.be/hWCZ-bb9vaQ

• Using wellstar.org, the challenge is to re-skin the site so it can be scaled – from Ultra Wide to small mobile (30 pixel).
• Use open source Visual Studio (on the Microsoft Community).
• View the code on the Wellstar public site.
• What can you do with Accessibility checkers? Several are also open source.
• The harder part of the challenge is being able to QA the work and ensure it is error free when resized.