KSU Disney Interactive Entertainment Study Program Requirements

The KSU Disney Interactive Entertainment program will be an exciting, entertaining, engaging, immersive, and customized experience that includes classroom, in-hotel, in-park, and post-trip content. This is much more than a vacation or Disney park excursion. First and foremost, this program is an opportunity to take the regular KSU classes content to a whole new level, experiencing graphics, audio, creativity, 3D modeling, etc. in the "lab" of the world-renown Disney theme parks. While participating in this program, KSU students will be ambassadors of KSU and your respective colleges and majors. With great opportunity comes great responsibility, so all student participants:

  1. Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher (or submit an appeal approved by the program leaders).
  2. Submit an online application and be interviewed by the program leaders.
  3. Agree to and complete/sign medical clearance, tuition acknowledgment, financial aid acknowledgment, FERPA waiver, waiver of liability, photo release, and student statement of responsibility forms

The needed forms will be provided to you once you are accepted into the program.

Medical/Health Considerations

Our number one priority is the safety of all students on the trip. Disney is a major theme park with extensive experience in guest safety and comfort, but we also have responsibility to plan appropriately. To this end, we want to make sure that all students are physically prepared for hot summer days in Florida, extensive walking throughout the parks, and the physical demands of the Disney theme parks. Proper hydration, sunscreen, and frequent rests along the way are important. 

Please email all completed forms to ccse-disney@kennesaw.edu.