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Accredited by the CAC Accreditation Commission of ABET,  

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science in the College of Computing and Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University. Our faculty take pride in our teaching and research excellence. Our emphasis is in providing applied computing education with a good solid foundation in basic computing principles. Computer Science is a difficult and ever-changing field that requires persistence, flexibility, and adaptability, but leads to highly rewarding careers with exciting and challenging opportunities.  Below, you will see our undergraduate and graduate programs and we hope you will find the one that fits you best.  Please consider joining our field and contact our department. 

The innovative CS department now offers:

  • This program is a strong technical program with both breadth and depth across the computing discipline and strength in software development. Traditional topics of programming languages, data structures, operating systems, algorithms, computer architecture, databases, etc., are covered with options in Big Data, Information Assurance and Security, and High Performance Computing. This program is certified by the notable ABET program accreditation. This is a traditional intensive on-campus program. You may join the program in Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. More Information here.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computer Science (BA-ACS) is an innovative and interdisciplinary degree program. New in 2014, the BA-ACS complements our BS Computer Science, and both programs can lead into the MS Computer Science. The BA-ACS provides a broad multi-discipline educational experience, with required courses in Applied Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, and an interdisciplinary minor. The BA program combines traditional computer science theory with application examples and hands-on used by industry. The BA allows a wide range of electives, a foreign language, and a minor that expands the student’s outlook to include a second discipline, while allowing students to investigate the overlap and synergies between the minor discipline and computer science. You may join the program in Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. More Information here.
  • Computer Science Honors Cohort building on the KSU Honors Program, the CS department offers a special Honors Cohort for high-achieving students that builds a deeper and richer computer science degree. More Information here.
  • The MSCS features excellent curriculum that blends theoretic foundations of computer science with state-of-the-art computing technologies. Major areas of study include Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Embedded Systems, Multimedia, Mobile and Game Development, and Information Assurance and Security. The program provides students with opportunities in computer science research, advanced project development, industrial internship, and interdisciplinary study. The MSCS program has a number of premium features, including the integrated use of distance learning technology for some courses. Students have a choice of attending class on-campus or remote but “live” at the assigned class time. Moreover, the MSCS program is structured with both full-time and part-time study options in order to provide students with maximum flexibility of study. You may join the program in Fall, Spring or Summer semester. More Information here.
  • Big data is changing the way people realize values, make decisions, optimize operations, and prevent threats and fraud, from all data. The Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science is one of the first of its kind in the country. The degree will cultivate individuals to translate large, structured and unstructured, complex data into information to improve decision making.  The curriculum includes programming, data mining, statistical modeling, and the mathematical foundations to support these concepts.  Importantly, it will also emphasize communication skills – both oral and written – as well as application and tying results to business and research problems. Career paths include a position in the private or public sector as a “practicing” Data Scientist – where the demand is expected to greatly outpace the supply, and a position within academia for research and teaching these skills to the next generation. More Information here.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Coskun Cetinkaya
Department Chair for Computer Science


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