C-Day Winners Fall 2018

Category: Graduate Capstone Project

1st place GC-04 Predict Credit Risks
by Liyuan Liu, Yiyun Zhou
Major: Ph.D in Analytics and Data Science
Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang

2nd place GC-01 Android "Identify" App
by John McKinney, John Sineath, Mark Kordahi
Major: MSSWE
Advisor: Dr. Reza Parizi

3d place GC-02 Satellite Image Land Classification
by Raymond Martin
Major: MSCS
Advisor: Dr Mingon Kang

Category: Graduate Research Project

1st place GR-06 Machine Learning for Fintech
by Karl Kevin Tiba Fossoh
Major: MSCS
Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo

2nd place GR-10 Animal Identification deep learning
by Joel Kamdem Teto
Major: MSCS
Advisor: Dr. Ying Xie

3d place GR-09 KNN Optimization with Vector Models
by Arialdis Japa, Daniel Brown
Major: MSCS
Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi

Category: Undergraduate Capstone Project

1st place UC-14 Lighthouse - Personal Safety Hub
by Joseph Chamberlain, Giuseppe Scoppino, William Silloway, Stephens Jean-Jacques, Daniel Pratt
Major: BSSWE
Advisors: Dr. Reza Parizi, Prof. Rachel Foster

2nd place UC-08 Shard Infinite - Capstone Game
by Alex Sala
Major: BSCGDD 
Advisor: Dr. Rongkai Guo

3d place UC-23 The CakeBook
by Nathanael Curtis, Kim Hertz, Victoria Williams, Thomas Glover, Danielle Brooks
Major: BSSWE
Advisor: Dr. Reza Parizi

Category: Undergraduate Research Project

1st place UR-03 MS Office Macro Malware Detection
by Ruth Bearden
Major: BSCS
Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo

2nd place Text-based Speaker Segmentation
by Steffen Lim (BSCGDD), Sams Khan (BSCS)
Advisor: Dr Chih-Cheng Hung

3d place Phishing Analysis using ML
by Suvan Paturi (HS Intern)
Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo

Special Award "Most Impactful Cyber Project"

GC-06 GR-06 Machine Learning for Fintech
by Karl Kevin Tiba Fossoh
Major: MSCS
Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo