Fall 2017 C-day Winners

Category: Capstone

1st place: CPSWE-30 Microservice Architecture & DevOps
by Erik Knudsen, Laura Johnson, Nate Pattharakositkul, Rony Campos, Shahnawaz Bhimani
Major: MSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband

2nd place: CPCS-15 AI and Chess Variant
by Mitchell Weiss, Josh Cooper, Tony Khounxay, Theossie Mundy, Sean Kennedy, Tyler Crawley
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Hoganson

3rd place: CPCS-11 Fortran/Java Cross-Compiler
by Wes Groover, Elizabeth McDonald, John Monson, Nelson Tskau, Heath Worrell
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Hoganson

Category: Games

1st place: GM-07 Cop E. Wright: A Capstone Game
by Henrique Lima, Marcus Ford
Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr. Allan Fowler

2nd place: GM-06 Cyber
by Garrett Eddy
Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler

3rd place: GM-04 Little Wars
by Brandon Macauley, Brennan Sanford, Aarth Thakore, John Ellis 
Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr. Allan Fowler

Category: Graduate Research

1st place: GRCS-23 Creating Artificial Cognition
by Oscar Garcia 
Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He

2nd place: GRCS-27 Secure protocol in Power Grids
by Uday Bhaskar Boyanapalli
Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Donghyun Kim

3rd place: GRCS-30 Predict and Prevent College Dropout
by Nelson Zange TSAKU
Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang

Category: Faculty Award Undergraduate Research and High School Internships

1st place: URIT-15 Performance Analysis of Brain Control Interface in Drone Applications
by Adnan Rashied, Jason Walters, Cheyenne Sancho, Josh Cooper, Ahmad Alissa, Eric Rawls, Kade Randall, Heather Rego 
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North

2nd place: URSWE-17 Guidelines to avoid analyst mistakes
by Ruth Petit - Bois
Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Paola Spoletini

3rd place: URCS-10 Alternative Weighted Fuzzy C Means
by Michael Wong, Eric Tran
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung

Category: Industry Award Undergraduate Research and High School Internships

1st place: URIT-16 Food For Thought
by Mizzani Walker-Holmes, Jihwan Oh, Miriam Chapellka, Dorris Scott
Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Carl DiSalvo

2nd place: URCS-11 Automated Macro Malware Detection
by Ruth Bearden
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo

3rd place: URCS-13 VR Locomotion and its Effects
by Mark Chamberlain, Alex Kimbell, William Dingler, Vojtech Martinek, Ryan Drumm, Troy Wu
Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North