Spring 2017 C-Day Program

April 27, 2017

Location: Marietta Campus - 1st floor Lobby - Atrium building (J)



4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Student check-in time followed by set-up (presenters only) (1st floor lobby)
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Check-in judges, industry partners,
Networking (1st floor lobby)

5:00 pm - 5:35 pm

Welcome from Dean Preston followed by Flash Session (1st floor lobby)

CPCS-04, CPCS-05, CPCS-11, CPCS-13, CPCS-17, CPSWE-30, CP-33, GRCS-01, GRCS-05, GRCS-07, GRCS-09, GRCS-18, GRIT-25, GRSWE-29, OTHER-03, OTHER-08, OTHER-09, OTHER-10, UR-02, UR-03, UR-06

5:35 pm - 6:20 pm
Judging of Student Posters and Games
Browsing (1st, 2nd and 3rd floors J building)
6:20 pm - 6:40 pm
Refreshments and Networking (J-381)
6:40 pm - 6:45 pm
Introduction of Keynote Speaker (Dean Preston) (1st floor lobby)
6:45 pm - 7:00 pm
Keynote Speaker Chad Teat, Chief Information Security Officer, Floor Decor (1st floor lobby)
 Chad Teat
7:00 pm - 7:10 pm
Recognition of Judges (1st floor lobby)
7:10 pm - 7:40 pm
Presentation of Awards (1st floor lobby):
  • Best Game
  • Best Capstone Project
  • Best Undergraduate Research Project
  • Best Graduate Research Project



    1. Robert Perez - IT Manager - Southern Company
    2. Nick Fenton - IT Administrator - Orasi Software, Inc.
    3. William Olden - Lead Programmer - Kiz Studios
    4. Eric Robinson - Atlanta Studio Head - Kiz Studios
    5. Andrew Greenberg - Executive Director - Georgia Game Developers Association
    6. Scott Murray - Business Intelligence Architect - HCA Healthcare
    7. T.J. Thomas - Software & Controls Manager - Marietta Nondestructive Testing, LLC
    8. Josh Gossett - Software Engineer - Marietta Nondestructive Testing, LLC
    9. Russ Biggers - Senior Software Engineer - Honeywell
    10. Bruce Skillin - Technology Innovator - Georgia-Pacific
    11. Dan Young - Operations Systems Manager - Clyde Bergemann
    12. Dylan Neumann - Project Coordinator - Fiserv
    13. Mike Phillips - Director, Talent Acquisition - InComm
    14. William Forsyth - Masters Student, Computer Science - Kennesaw State University
    15. Steve Cavanaugh - Director, Information Technology - Printpack, Inc.
    16. Shane Foster - Applications Manager - Shaw Industries Group Inc.
    17. Trevor Sands - Data Scientist - Shaw Industries Group Inc.
    18. Julie Newberry - Lead Analyst - Georgia-Pacific
    19. Wei-Chuen Chen - System Engineer - Verizon Wireless
    20. Wes Hogarth - Research Technologist & IT Manager - Georgia Tech Research Institute
    21. Miguel F. Tirado - System Analyst - Georgia Pacific
    22. Abi Salimi - VP of National Programs - Consort Institute
    23. Charles Igwilo - Partner - upSTART VENTURE PARTNERS
    24. Sharon Perry - President - Green Wave Technology
    25. Chad Teat - Chief Information Security Officer - Floor Decor
    26. Gordon Rogers - President - Edevate
    27. Andrew Lackey - Owner - Wabi Sabi Sound
    28. Lloyd Middlebrooks - Security Analyst Advisor - SecureWorks
    29. Kendell Mendoza - Information System Security Officer - Georgia Tech Research Institute
    30. Josh Faubel - Sr. Interactive Developer - YouAreHere
    31. Jason Hillhouse - Sr. Game Developer - YouAreHere
    32. Sean Hall - Embedded Systems Engineer - YouAreHere
    33. Ricardo Olivo - Sr Director, Innovation Technology - YouAreHere
    34. David Van Brackle - Senior Software Engineer - Lockheed Martin
  • Capstone/ Undergraduate/Graduate Research scale 0 - 10 with 0 representing "Poor" and 10 representation "Exceeds Expectations"

    • Successfully completed stated project goals and reported deliverables (0-10)
    • Methodology/Approach: All required elements are clearly visible, organized, and articulated (0-10)
    • Effective verbal presentation (0-10)

    Games scale 0 - 10 with 0 representing "Poor" and 10 representation "Awesome"

    • TECHNICAL: Technically sound with appropriate visual & audio fidelity(0-10)
    • GAMEPLAY: Engaging & Fun, with an intuitive UI. Rules of play are clear. Includes a win/lose state(0-10)
    • ORIGINALITY: Sound, Art, Design, or Code(0-10)
    • CPCS-01 EA-4X
      by Sven Cowart, Brendan Draper, James "Nick" Kammerdiener
      Major: BAACS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      A Machine Learning based system to predict trends in the FOREX Market.
    • CPCS-02 ADbC
      by Chris Altamimi, Jeff Yu, Kelli Yeatman, Manaf Alhabbal, Tyler Wilson
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      The focus of this project is to update the current ADbC interactive web application.
    • CPCS-03 Equipment Utilization Tracker (Dr. Shi Group 10)
      by James Gowdy, Clay Cain, Nathaniel Velliquette, Joel Kamdem Teto
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      To develop a system to track equipment utilization and location. This project will implement the ability to track the hardware, it's duration of use and the distance it traveled. With this data it will be able to generate reports on the location and usage of the equipment. A google map will also be provided to provide a visual aid as to where the equipment traveled.
    • CPCS-04 KSU Lambda
      by Mark Shaver, Erica Pantoja, Gabriel Kigundu, Cameron Campbell, Abdoul Dolo, Shawn Hutcherson
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      The focus of this project is to refine, update, and prepare to implement the current Lambda Machine distributed system for on-campus utilization
    • CPCS-05 FaceSNATCH
      by John Stanford, Kevin Vo, Heli Patel, Kayden Pham, Vimal Panchal
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      FaceSNATCH is an IOS device friendly application that works with inbuilt database image collection to process broad range of images of humans and recognizes the emotions based on the expression.
    • CPCS-06 Pantry Buddy
      by Joshua Auer, Matthew Brown, Alphonza Harris, Katelyn Marsala, Martynas Sedys
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena HeMobile application that allows users to keep track of grocery shopping trends and then make predictions based on those trends
    • CPCS-07 Railserve, Inc. Maintenance Tracking
      by Daniel Brown, Christopher Choi, Andrew Hirschler, Gary Kirk, Ian Straiton, Oleg McNamara

      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      An online maintenance tracking system for Railserve, Inc. Comprised of a database and a website that consists of several different forms for data input.
    • CPCS-08 Smart Mirror
      by Raiden Stiegel, Sean Berdini, Gabriel Jefferson, Blesson Thomas, Kevin Nguyen
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      Raspberry Pi controlled data aggregation interface to show time, weather, and news behind a mirror.
    • CPCS-09 Project Battleship
      by Eric Carboni, Jonathan Taylor, Steven Petsinger, Clayton Leikness, Payton Mock
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      Creating the classic board game Battleship for the 21st century
    • CPCS-10 Asymmetric Multiplayer Game in VR
      by Jordan Davis, Mitchell Arnold, Ross Tebbetts, Zachary Towner, Zane Johnston
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      A VR game with asymmetric gameplay that allows players to take on two different perspectives to either build a level and to try to thwart the other players' attempts to finish it or to play a level themselves.
    • CPCS-11 WhatsThe.Buzz (Dr. Shi, Group #4)
      by Abdul Wahab, Ryan McMichael, Melody An, Alexia Allway
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      Web application that allows businesses in the service industry to collect feedback on how customers rate their businesses, and offer incentives (coupons) in return for their feedback.
    • CPCS-12 StoryPort
      by John McDonough, Logan Cooper, Zachary Reece
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      We are developing an iOS and Android application that allows the user to take an image from their smart device, create a voice recording over the image, and then upload the created video to Facebook.
    • CPCS-13 Equipment Utilization Tracking - Ameritrack
      by Christian Brutofsky, Taylor Nicole Blasingame, Andrew Magana, Aleksandar Veselinovic, Austin Anderson
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      design and implement an embedded system paired with an application to provide reports and real-time analytics for Railserve equipmment utilization
    • CPCS-14 HVAC Training Simulator
      by Preston Waters, Jamarcus Coulter, Euijin Lee, Paul Xiong
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      HVACTS will create a Virtual Reality game to train the player about how to identify HVAC fundamental problems and how to fix them.
    • CPCS-15 4Paw: Donation and Adoption Platform
      by Tucker Fowler, Roger Mahler, David Huseman, Thomas Nguyen, Carlos Padilla, Andrew Unkefer
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      Today’s pet adoption system is becoming increasingly burdened with an overabundance of animals. The goal of this project is to build a hardware protype for feeder and create a server based website that will provide an easy one stop donation location for donators.
    • CPCS-16 Operation: Laces
      by Grant Wesley, Ash Dela-Cruz, Gilberto Rose, Ridge Brown, Zachary Munson, Marcus Joseph
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      A mobile app to sell shoes/hats with Argumented Reality (AR) "put on" feature.
    • CPCS-17 Location Services using Wi-Fi Access Points
      by Andrew Dessin, Alex Googe, Brandon Cross, Brandon Parker, Jim McDoniel, David Rose
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      The project will attempt to solve the problem of locating a Wi-Fi enabled device located inside a Macy’s Retail Store within 1% of the total square footage of the store. The real-time, or near real-time information about device location within the store will be shown on a website.
    • CPCS-18 Magical Liopleurodon
      by Chris Koronkowski, Stephen Strickland
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      The magical liopleurodon project is an attempt at an open-source library wrapping multiple other security-focused open source libraries into a single, easy to use library that may be used across various IoT devices.
    • CPCS-19 CodeCheck: IntelliJ/Android Studio Security Enhancement Plugin
      by Ben Ledford, Chris Francis-Christie
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      Security-focused plugin that performs real-time code analysis for vulnerabilities as well as offering suggestions to correct the error(s)
    • CPCS-20 Personal Tracking Railserv Project
      by Vishal Patel, Blake Snellgrove, Jayson Swartz, Alonzo Bustamante, Rickey Weems
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      We will have a developed Personal tracking device that will display location on the application via GPS coordinates
    • CPCS-22 Railserve Personal Tracking
      by Colton Carder, Dock O'neal, Andrew Maddox, Chris Theroux
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      Creating a software backend do display the live location of works on a rail yard.
    • CPIT-23 GTRI Disaster Recovery Plan
      by Wagoner, Austin Taylor, Perez, Oscar Alejandro, Whitworth, Kyle Eugene, Osorio, Kevin
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Jack ZhengRedevelop the disaster recovery plan for GTRI ELSYS
    • CPIT-24 DocWeb Patient System
      by Cain, Stephen E, Cheveresan, Cristian, Kuah, Jun-Hao, McDonald, Victoria, Moche Chatue, Aline Stella
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Jack Zheng
      Renovate the user interface of a patient management system
    • CPIT-25 Anthem NoSQL Data Modeling and Query
      by Brown, Johnathan A, Amaka, Noble E, Stapleton, James Alford, Williams, Jason, Keen, Hasaan Akbar
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Jack Zheng
      Invetigate patient data profile modeling and query on NoSQL
    • CPIT-26 Anthem Hadoop Security
      by McTiernan, Justin David, O'Brien, Jared Vincent, Rai, Prakash, Smith, Logan Charles, Scott, Joshua Adam
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Jack Zheng
      Invetigate the authorization solutions on Hadoop
    • CPIT-27 WhatsThe.Buzz (Prof. Zheng, Group Buzz)
      by Sherri Booher, Neisha Martinez, Jonathan Jones, Patrick Green, Benjamin Skeen
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Dr. Jack Zheng
      Enhance the features for a restaurant customer survey app
    • CPSWE-28 Alternative Medicine Office Management System
      by Eric Plascencia, Calvin Nix , Alex Estrada, Ryan Josefsburg, Jerome Lester
      Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband
      This is an office management system for an alternative medicine company. It's primary purpose is to provide assisstance to the employees of the client with management of all processes related to atients.
    • CPSWE-29 AMOMS
      by Skip Bassey, Casey Brock, Jared Gibson, Ishraq Karim, Andy Mecke
      Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband
      AMOMS is a medical office management system for Centro Quiropractico Cassan that serves to help the company switch from paper records to digitized records and assist employees in any tasks related to patients.
    • CPSWE-30 3MS - Modern Medical Management System
      by Michael Russell, Joshua Mennicke, Elizabeth Herndon, Bilal Adams, Kyle Sylvestre
      Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband
      This project is to create software that will be used to replace the current system that is used for an alternate medical facility. The office currently uses paper records to keep track of patient information and they would like to move to a digital database to improve the productivity within the business. By switching to a database it will be much easier for patient records to be located and updated with new information. This system will also allow appointments to be efficiently managed by receptionists improving work flow.
    • CPSWE-31 Doctor's Office Management System
      by David Potter, Jonathan Cook, Adam Coker, Brandon Tuttle, Luis Rodriguez, William Story
      Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband
      Fully functional doctors office system than can manage, organize and keep track of all the data that a typical doctors office would use and need. There will be many different users that will either make schedules, fullfil appointments, and/or generate reports on data in the system.
    • CPSWE-32 AMOMS
      by Kelechi Amaihe, Mamadou Bah, Anh Huynh, Juan Blanco, Alex Federico, Curtis Dirton
      Major: BSSWE Advisor: Dr. Hassan Pournaghshband
      A web based medical office management system. To replace an office's paper system with a digital one.
    • CP-33 Make A Miracle
      by Yasin Hussain, Dmitri Konradi, Angel Kanchev, Baturay Daylak, Tony Guzman
      Major: ?? Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
      Web Application management system for Non profit organization Make A Miracle
    • CP-34 Knock Knock
      by Caitlin Price, Adam Knight, Carolina Sanabria, Daniel Young, Liel Van Der Hoeven, Ronen Yankivski
      Major: ?? Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      Our version of the "smart doorbell" - a user will be able to view/interact with visitors at their door without leaving the comfort of their house
    • CP-35 Skies Above 
      by Adam Butler
      Major: ?? Advisor: ??
    • CP-36 Surveillance Image Enhancement
      by Connor Sample, Daniel Salge, Tevin Phillip, Andy Hudgins, Dylan Meadows
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Bob Harbort
      Feasibility study of image enhancement techniques for data from surveillance cameras
    • GM-01 Phobophobia
      by Andrew Romans, Robert Kowalchuk, Cody McCormick, Cody Ulrich
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-02 Cat Burglary
      by Devante Anderson-Boothe, Tyler Henning, Jonathan Miu
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-03 Uncanny Valley
      by Disney Nguyen
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-04 Hasty Delivery
      by Drew Savas
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-05 ShopKeep (working title)
      by Forrest McClain, Zach Colbert
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-06 Infinite Tactics
      by John Ellis
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-07 Pixel Puzzle Player
      by Julio Hernandez
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-08 Interstellar Delivery Corp
      by Justin McLendon
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-09 Call of Space Ring Tremorfieldfrontwatch: Advanced Global Ops Warfare 4
      by Kevin Friddle
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-10 Enlivening Purge
      by Kevin Witt
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-11 Worlds of Rescue
      by Lauren Sisk
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-12 Eden Centauri Game
      by Michael Williams, Matthew Lamneck
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-13 Project DSM
      by Skylar Romocki
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-14 Parallel
      by Sterling LaVigne, Dereck Mills, Claire Oliphant
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-15 Gojo Solo 2
      by Josh Williams
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GM-16 Bacterius
      by Dave Smith, Moises Rosabal, Aarth Thakore
      Major: BSCGDD Advisor: Dr Allan Fowler
    • GRCS-01 Deep Convolutional Neural Network And Parallel Programming
      by Tala Emami, Ihssan Hashem
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung
      Develop deep neural networks that learn to detect abnormality from image feed, and use graphics processing units for fast learning.
    • GRCS-02 Improving Classification Performance for Malware Detection
      by Carlos Cepeda Mora, Pablo Ordonez, Chia-tien Dan Lo
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      It was designed a model for features selection and Malware detection based on machine learning algorithms. Results shows state of the art detection accuracy rate with just nine features.
    • GRCS-03 Android App for Identifying Digital Signage Viewer
      by Dane Hylton
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      The objective is to count the number of people viewing some form of digital signage and predict their ethnicity/race and also their age.
    • GRCS-04 Driving Assistant Android App based on Computer Vision Techniques
      by Shade Alabsa
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We will be implementing a driving assistant which implements lane and collision detection and provide feedback to the driver
    • GRCS-05 Car Tag Identification Android App
      by Sanjoosh Akkineni
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We will be analyzing the picture of the car tag and get the tag number from the picture and compare with the database and generate the details of the owner.
    • GRCS-06 Picture Editing
      by Nidhibahen Patel
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We will develop an android app that can enhance the quality of pictures
    • GRCS-07 Identifying Potential Bottlenecks on Interstate Highways
      by Betty Kretlow
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung
      develope classifying techniques on data from traffic camera image to identify potential bottlenecks
    • GRCS-08 A New Paradigm for Interference-Aware Energy Harvesting
      by Jiaxin Chen
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Xiaohua Xu
      Analysis of device to device communication and algorithm design
    • GRCS-09 Machine Learning for Understanding Amazon Product Success
      by Michael Kranzlein
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      Apply big data and machine learning techniques to understand driving factors in a products success on Amazon.
    • GRCS-10 Auditory and Haptic Feedback 3D UI for Blind People
      by Darren O'Neale
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Rongkai Guo
      The properties of virtual reality can be applied across a plethora of industries. We are using HTC Vive to record relevant data as to how auditory and haptic feedback can be used to enhance navigation independence in the real world for people with visual impairments.
    • GRCS-11 Research on Detecting Malware using Encrypted Traffic
      by Uday Bhaskar Boyanapalli
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Donghyun Kim
      Detecting malware using encrypted SSL/TLS traffic - Collection of malware and evaluation of cryptographic standards in SSL. Analyzing malware with RC4 encryption and evaluation of algorithm with the data set.
    • GRCS-12 OpenFlow Flow Table Overflow Vulnerability and Defend Strategy
      by Xianyong Meng
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Yong Shi
    • GRCS-13 Sharing of lecture notes
      by Nidhi Patel
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
    • GRCS-14 Android App Development for Gender/Age estimation
      by Olivier Noumbi, Dhiraj Gharana
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We are developing an Android App for gender/age estimation. It shows the android app development approach for the problems
    • GRCS-15 Identifying Cancer Subtypes
      by Tejaswini Mallavarapu
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We are identifying cancer subtypes by using clustering methods
    • GRCS-16 Engineering an AI that can solve insight puzzles
      by Oscar Garcia
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Selena He
      As neural networks become more complex and designers build neural network arrays that mimic the human brain, it becomes possible to believe that neural networks can solve problems that require a more human level of insight. A Neural Network will be designed, prototyped and tested for its ability to, without prior training, synthesize an algorithm assembled from basic trained steps to solve the complex puzzle reaching an out of reach target.
    • GRCS-17 Performance Analysis: Machine Learning via CPU vs GPU
      by Jhu-Sin Luo
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Lo
      Using the MNIST handwritten digit database as our sample, we analyzed neural network training and validation times. We quantified the costs in terms of execution time and importantly, energy consumption.
    • GRCS-18 Monitoring and Assessing Traffic Safety Using Live Video Images
      by Srivarna Settisara Janney, Ishraq Karim
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung
      Highway Safety assessment has traditionally been relied on historical crash data and/or field conflict studies. The objective of this research study is to automatically extract conflict event data from the field cameras on the fly. Those conflict events data can be used to proactively diagnose safety issues, and formulate and implement proper counter-measures in a timely manner. It is expected to considerably reduce the number of crashes that could have occurred otherwise. We need to train the machine to learning those conflicting situations to be useful in real-time monitoring of traffic.
    • GRCS-19 Unintended Data Leakage Attacks and their Countermeasures
      by Ravi Patel
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Kai Qian
      Expose different attacks to obtain information from a Android device and perform countermeasures to protect the data.
    • GRCS-20 Input Validation and Output Decoding
      by Peter Ding
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Kai Qian
      Demostrate the consequences of data sanitization in the forms of input validation and output encoding for secure mobile software development
    • GRCS-21 Auction Based Resource Allocation Algorithm in D2D Communications
      by Benjamin Lee
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Xiaohua XuI
      will show how an auction based resource allocation algorithm mitigates interference in a cellular communcations system and see where it stands with other methods of interference mitigation.
    • GRCS-22 New max fault-tolerance barrier-coverage problem in ad hoc sensor networks
      by Yeojin Kim
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Donghyun Kim
      Introduce a new maximum fault-tolerance barrier-coverage problem in hybrid sensor network, which consists of a number of both static ground sensors and fully -controllable mobile sensors.
    • GRCS-23 Graph-theory Based Simplification Techniques for Efficient Biological Network Analysis
      by Euiseong Ko
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Donghyun Kim
      Introduce two new graph algorithms which aim to improve the efficiency of the existing methods for biological network data interpretation.
    • GRCS-24 Android App Deveoplment for Funny Face
      by Sweta Patil
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Mingon Kang
      We will present the android app that identify face components and exaggerate them for fun
    • GRIT-25 An Iris Authenticaion Framework to Prevent Presentation Attacks
      by Mahbubul Islam
      Major: MSIT Advisor: Dr. Hossain Shahriar, Dr. Hisham Haddad
      Our approach relies on capturing iris area image using near infra read light. We train Haar-Cascade and LBP classifiers to capture the area between pupil and cornea. The image of iris are is stored into database. The approach also generates a QR code from iris which acts as a password and a user is required to provide it during authentication. A prototype is built using OpenCV platform tool. The approach has been tested from samples obtained from publicly available iris database. The initial results show that the proposed approach has lower false positive and false negative rates.
    • GRIT-26 Classification of Web Service Attacks and Mitigation Approaches
      by William Bond
      Major: MSIT Advisor: Dr. Hossain Shahriar
      In this proect, we provide a classification of attacks on web services and mitigation approaches.
    • GRSWE-27 Design and Deliver Online Courses
      by Jennifer Cassan
      Major: MSSWE Advisor: Dr. Paola SpoletiniThis research is intended to find the most efficient way to deliver online courses in computer and software fields
    • GRSWE-28 Virtual Reality for Requirements Elicitation
      by Aman Bhimani
      Major: MSSWE Advisor: Dr. Paola SpoletiniIn this project, we propose the use of virtual reality as new technique to collect requirements. Being an immersive controlled environment, virtual environments present all the benefits of both observations on the field and controlled experiments.
    • GRSWE-29 Empowering Requirements Elicitation through Vocal and Biofeedback Analysis
      by Albert Maine
      Major: MSSWE Advisor: Dr. Paola Spoletini
      Develop tool and software set for analyzing data obtained from biological feedback sensor and voice analysis to help the requirements elicitation process
    • GRCS-30 Proposing an algorithm for Automation of Secure and Transparent Permission Framework for Android Device
      by Nusrat Asrafi
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      The Project is involved with developing new algorithms which self-regulating the permission of API framework in android application for malware detection and take necessary steps for security.
    • GRCS-31 Implementing A Sentiment-Change-Driven Event Discovery System on HPCC Systems®
      by Lili Zhang, Ying Xie
      Major: PhD in Analytics and Data Science Advisor: Dr. Ying Xie
      Implementing a sentiment-change driven event discovery system on HPCC Systems
    • GRCS-32 Mathematical Proofs on Interactive Learning Platforms
      by Linda Vu
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Ying Xie
      The goal of the project is to be able to use interactive learning mediums without the use of internet and to promote critical thinking.
    • OTHER-01 Voya Investment Management
      by Endia Holmes
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Descriptive internship poster requarding Windows 10 PC and VM's
    • OTHER-02 Kali Server Exploits
      by Andrew Chew
      Major: BSIT Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Description of Kali distribution and tools used to exploit Windows XP and 10 Vms
    • OTHER-03 Clyde Bergemann Power Group - Engineering Design Automation
      by Priyanga Chandrasekar
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Descriptive Internship poster about Systems Analyst Intern experience
    • OTHER-04 Atlanta Police Foundation - Effectiveness of APF initiatives
      by Sreesowmya Chaturvedula
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Descriptive Internship poster about Data Analyst Intern experience
    • OTHER-05 United Parcel Service
      by Lamar Antonio Munoz
      Major: MSIT Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Native Mobile Quality Assurance
    • OTHER-06 Optimization of SQL code for Regression analysis / Wellstar
      by Navera Gul
      Major: MSIT Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Optimization of existing SQL reports to get useful data which can be used for the predictive analysis or  diagnosis of chronic diseases in patients at Wellstar.
    • OTHER-07 CRM implementation at a Law office
      by Nimesh Patil
      Major: MSIT Advisor: Prof. Dawn Tatum
      Show the adoption and implementation of Salesforce in a law office
    • OTHER-08 IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter - Spring 2017 Activities
      by Victor Sahin, Justin Voorhees, Chip Gardner, Mizzani Walker-Holmes, Chris Baxter, Sanjoosh Akkinenim 
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North
      Student Chapter Accomplishments
    • OTHER-09 Assoication for Computing Machinery Student Chapter - Spring 2017 Activities
      by Alex Veselinovic, William Parish, Chris Brutofdky, Taylor Blasingame, Alex Federico, Deja Tyla Jackson
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North
      Student Chapter Accomplishments
    • OTHER-10 Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Student Chapter - Spring 2017 Activities
      by Erica Pantoja, Samuel Luo, Joel Kamdem, Christopher Francis-Christie, Victor Sahin, Ben Tamo
      Major: MSCS Advisor: Dr. Chih-Chung Hung
      Student Chapter Accomplishments
    • UR-01 eSense: Biomimetic Modeling
      by Derek Martin
      Major: Advisor: Prof. Mike Franklin
      Biomimetic Modeling of Electrolocation and Echolocation using Dynamic Homeostatic Dual-Layered Reinforcement Learning
    • UR-02 A Comparative Study of Gaming Interfaces and Impact on Players
      by Dr. Sarah North, Victor Sahin, Ben Junior Tamo
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North
      The main objective of this study was to investigate how different gaming interfaces compare and impact the players’ general experience with games.
    • UR-03 Automated Photography with Drones
      by Victor Sahin, Joel Kamdem Teto, Dr. Sarah North, Ben Junior Tamo
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Sarah North
      In this project, we examine Drones that can be used for automated indoors photography (AIP) with help of appropriate sets of sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.
    • UR-04 Graphics powered Java Virtual Machine
      by Jonathan Lashgari (Wheeler High)
      Major: Other Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      Today's programs have not kept up with the pace of advancement in computer hardware. Graphics processing units, or GPUs, have long been available to use for general purpose computations, yet the utilization of such hardware is not wide spread. This project aims to enhance Java runtime performance by using the GPU and just-in-time compilation mechanism. This will ease the transition of creating more efficient and capable programs by transparently utilizing a computer's computational power.
    • UR-05 Improving spam mail detection using content filtering methods
      by Ethan Simms (Wheeler High)
      Major: Other Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      Current spam filters are not functioning at the most efficient/successful level. To improve the success of these filters, I will be conducting research on the different sub methods of the content filtering type of spam filtering. The research will open new doors for improving spam filters and increasing spam detection in the future.
    • UR-06 Malware Detection in Microsoft Office Macros with Machine Learning
      by Ruth Bearden
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Dan Lo
      I will present my progress in researching ways to improve malware detection for MS Office maros. My research will explore the effectiveness of only training machine learning algorithms from macro samples.
    • UR-07 CAT Vehicle Challenge
      by Jacob Jennings, William Silloway, Zane Johnston
      Major: BSCS Advisor: Dr. Donghyun Kim
      Use data from CAT vehicle to identify obstacles and change vehicles velocity and trajectory
    • UR-08 Augmented Reality Enhancements for Marching Band
      by Julian Robinson
      Major: Advisor: Prof. Mike Franklin
      Augmented Reality Enhancements for Marching Band with Visual Aids, Cueing, and Navigation

    Wheeler High School Partners:

    • Dr. Ginny Berkemeier - Internship Coordinator
    • Dr. Kate Maloney - Research Coordinator