Fall 2021 C-Day Program

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Location: Marietta Campus - Atrium (J) and Design 2 (I2) buildings


  • Time
  • 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
    Atrium (J) building 1st & 3d floors
    Student check-in: Atrium (J) building 1st floor lobby
    followed by set-up :Atrium (J) building3d floor (presenters only)
  • 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
    Atrium (J) building 1st floor lobby

    Check-in judges, industry partners,
    Networking. Students, bring your resume.
  • 5:00 pm - 5:35 pm
    Design 2 (I2) Auditorium
    Welcome from the Interim Dean Yenduri followed by Flash Session
  • 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm
    Atrium (J) building 2nd and 3d floors
    Judging of Student Projects
  • 6:20 pm - 6:50 pm
    J-152 Atrium (J) building
    Pizza and Networking. Students, bring your resume.
  • 6:50pm - 7:00 pm
    Design 2 (I2) Auditorium
    Recognition of Judges
  • 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    Design 2 (I2) Auditorium
    Presentation of Awards
    • Best UndergraduateProject
    • Best Graduate Project
    • Best Undergraduate Research Project
    • Best Graduate Research Project
    • Alumni Award



Fall 2021 Presentations

    • TBA

    Alumni's Choice Award

    • TBA
  • Best Project in Each Category Rubric

    Undergraduate and graduate projects: scale 0- 10with 0representing "Poor" and 10representation "Exceeds Expectations"

    • Successfully completed stated project goals and reported deliverables (0-10)
    • Methodology/Approach: All required elements are clearly visible, organized, and articulated (0-10)
    • Effective verbal presentation (0-10)
    • Evidence of Rigor (0-10)
    • Merit and Broader impact (0-10)

    Games: scale 0 - 10 with 0 representing "Poor" and 10 representation "Awesome"

    • TECHNICAL: Technically sound with appropriate visual & audio fidelity(0-10)
    • GAMEPLAY: Engaging & Fun, with an intuitive UI. Rules of play are clear. Includes a win/lose state(0-10)
    • ORIGINALITY: Sound, Art, Design, or Code(0-10)
    • Evidence of Rigor (0-10)
    • Merit and Broader impact (0-10)

    Alumni's Choice Award Rubric

    Alumni Judges will judge the Undergraduate Capstone projects to determine the “best” from those presented.   Undergraduate Capstone Project titles start with the letters “UC –“ on their poster. 

    1. Team Approach: 20 pts (did the team work together effectively to meet goals)       
    2. Presentation: 20 pts  (did the team sell the idea)
    3. Use of Technology: 40 pts (is technology being used an effective way)
    4. Feasibility/Impact for Business/Industry: 20 pts (doable/valuable/effective)
  • * Candidates for the best  project award
    + Project will be featured during the Flash Session

    • 72-Undergraduate Capstone Authenticating Middleware Implementing DNS-Based Identity by Crowe, Brooklyn*; Godwin, Jade; Marcos, Marilyn; Moore, Aaron; Rojo, Ricardo; Starr, Noah
    • 73-Undergraduate Capstone Security Solution for a Small Business by Whang, Eric R*
    • 75-Undergraduate Capstone MorningStar Dance Website Redesign by Le, Derrick*
    • 79-Undergraduate Capstone Linked in Alumni Data | IT4983 Section W01 | Group 2 by Maroosis, Timothy*; Javier, Devin; Peymani, Niyoosha; Harris, Celina; Karim, Rumsha
    • 80-Undergraduate Capstone IT Deployment AoA by Bailey, Trexell T*; Deputy, Elijah R; Iqbal, Sabiha; Diaz, James; Dillon, Evan; Highers, Kathryn S
    • 81-Undergraduate Capstone Analysis of Brain Stimulation based on Image Composition by Bowie, Danny*; McConville, Alex M; BAJRACHARYA, KRITISH
    • 82-Undergraduate Capstone Remote Presence Robot in the Classroom by Trinite, Noah*; Furrow, Anna; Lyons, Christopher; Odeyemi, Joshua; Tatge, George; Perdue, James; Sloan, Dylan
    • 85-Undergraduate Capstone Universe Language CRM App by Stanley, Kara*; Diab, Khalid; Rodriguez Serrano, Gabriel A; King, Sammantha; Martinez, Carolina; Bridges, Taren
    • 87-Undergraduate Capstone Hibernate Funds: Back Office Portals for Fundraisers by Blackwell, Phillip*; Merritt, Kasey L; Krouba, patrick A; Duran, Daniel; Calixto, Diana; Miller, Logan
    • 88-Undergraduate Capstone IT 4893 - Fall2021 - Team 2 - LinkedIn Alumni Web Resource Project by Barnum, De'Vaughn*; Kocis, Matt; Neely, Chase; Anzelmo, Lee
    • 89-Undergraduate Capstone 3D Information Extraction from Physics Exercise Videos by MILLER, BENJAMIN M*; Ho, Khoa; YONGO, MICKAEL D
    • 92-Undergraduate Capstone Wireless Information and Power Transfer using Beam Forming by Johnson, Shikirah B*
    • 96-Undergraduate Capstone The Impact of Physical Exercises on Brain Activities in STEM Online Education by Fulcher, John R*
    • 103-Undergraduate Capstone The Effect of COVID-19 on the International Airline Travel Industry by Solomon, Sarah B*
    • 110-Undergraduate Capstone Habermas V0.1 by Grant, Anthony*; Raymond , Chloe E; Shields, Sean M; McVay, Mark T
    • 112-Undergraduate Capstone Telemedicine Web Application - CS4850/03 - Group 5A by Lanktree, Cade T*; Wessels, Michael L; Shidhaye, Yash; Crews, Kevin J; Bonilla, Estephany; Patterson, Jodi-Ann G; Paris, Will
    • 116-Undergraduate Capstone Security Solution for a Small Business by Casasola, Jessica*; Englert, Craig; Pegram, Charles; Vesper, James; Nguyen, Phuc
    • 128-Undergraduate Capstone Public Payroll Data Database by Pagel, Donovan S*; Ruhlin, Austin; Simmons, Dustin; Smith, Chris; Davis, Marquis
    • 134-Undergraduate Capstone Georgia Schools Grade Map by Duren, William T*; Richardson, Joe; Doige, Amanda A; Anderson , Tylor; Fayiso, Gamada
    • 138-Undergraduate Capstone 3D Extraction from Physics Exercise Videos by Matthews, Zachary*; Sherpa, Lhakpa N; Alvarez, Francisco J; Guan, Sam; McFarland, Philip; Bruton, Cole
    • 141-Undergraduate Capstone Georgia Schools by Trivers, Maxwell*; Knezevich, Bailey; Oso, Samson; Khan, Mo
  • * Candidates for the best  project award
    + Project will be featured during the Flash Session

    • 74-Graduate Capstone Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches to Investigate Adverse Effects of COVID-19 Vaccinations by Dyer, Aleema*; Khorsandi, Azadeh; Mauro, Carter; Carmichael, Francelene; Martinelli, Martin; Mccrary, Lillian
    • 93-Graduate Capstone Recognizing Fake Profiles in Online Social Media with Finite Automata by Lingareddy, Ignatius Jyosthna*; Saribala, Chandhana ; Muppa, Kavitha; Bolla, Nitin Satya Dev; Visvanathan, Nisha
    • 105-Graduate Capstone VISUAL EVALUATION OF PREDICTION OF GLAUCOMA USING MACHINE LEARNING by Dendi, Praneeth Kumar Reddy; Kollipara, Anirudh; Penmetsa, Maneesha Kumari*
    • 106-Graduate Capstone Emotion Recognition Using Wireless Signals by Mhatre, Jui*
    • 113-Graduate Capstone NLP Sentiment Analysis on Amazon Reviews by Aladhalli Shivakumar, Sushma*; Pailla, Swetha; Hasti, Sireesha
    • 123-Graduate Capstone Service Delivery Enhancements using Live Chats and Virtual Agents by Wadkins, Patrick R*; Twene, Peter; Williamson, Rachel; McDowell, Tamar; DeGraft, Naomi
    • 125-Graduate Capstone COVID-19 PREDICTION USING SYMTPOMS by Gurjala , Yagna *; Batchu, chalamayya; Pethe, Shruthi
    • 132-Graduate Capstone Microsoft Azure Sentinel to ConnectWise Integration by Neal, Christine*; Birega, Miseker; James, Ryan; Patel, Charul; Davis Townsend, L. Renee; Parker, Matthew
    • 140-Graduate Capstone Research on Earthquake Resistant System by Ayyalaraju, pranathi*; pedarala, lakshmi prasanna; makur, madhu rao
  • * Candidates for the best  project award
    + Project will be featured during the Flash Session

    • 77-Graduate Research A Robust Federated Machine Learning Framework for Security Analytics in Solar Farms by Li, Jiaming*
    • 78-Graduate Research AI for Social Good: Assisting the Elderly/Visually Impaired in Reading Prescription Labels by Allen, Stacie P*; Barnes, Jessica; Pope, Lauren ; Hill, Chenelle
    • 83-Graduate Research Analysis of Malware Detection Techniques by Stansbury, Joel*; White, Robert; Bazan, Keifer
    • 90-Graduate Research Regular Language as An Encryption Scheme to Mitigate Keyword Guessing Attack (KGA) by Sagi, Venkata Kalyan*; Kale, Vaibhav ; Varghese, Bejoy
    • 95-Graduate Research Using Machine Learning to Detect Alzheimers Disease by Razzak, Rehma*; Fu, Yang
    • 98-Graduate Research Security in Operating Systems by Phillips, Tyler*; Kennnedy, Lance
    • 100-Graduate Research Non-Invasive Monitoring of Human Hygiene using Vibration Sensor and Classifiers by Trivedi, Shashank*
    • 101-Graduate Research Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi Four by Pola, Priyanka*; Valero, Maria A
    • 104-Graduate Research Diabetic Retinopathy Detection using Deep Neural Networks without Pre-Processing techniques by Bharti, Suman*; Pailla, Swetha
    • 114-Graduate Research Decentralized Network Architecture on Git Platform by Lashgari, Jonathan D*; Narnavaram, Kiran mai M; Gowru, Rohit
    • 117-Graduate Research Transfer learning with synthetic data improves the performance of fashion apparel pattern classification and neckline detection by Chen, Tong*
    • 118-Graduate Research Sentiment Analysis on Hotel Review by Pallapothu, Navya*; Pandanaboyana, Aravinda; Kumar, Dilip
    • 121-Graduate Research Binary Image Processing for Computation of Connected Components, Image Holes and Euler Number Using Graph Theory by Sabbu, Sravya*; Salepela, Prasuna Reddy; Talluri, Yamini hanisha; Vaidyula, Sruthi
    • 126-Graduate Research Reservoir Computing Using Cellular Automata by Polavarapu, Nikhitha*; Vanderbilt, Michael; Achuta, Sai Harshitha; Veeravalli, Lokesh; Akula, Sai Shashank
    • 127-Graduate Research IoT Clusters Platform for Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization by Traore, Soin Abdoul Kassif Baba M*
    • 129-Graduate Research Using Machine Learning Techniques for Early Alzheimer’s Disease Detection by badireddi, sudarshan*; K, Gayatri; Kulal, Shalaka; Meeks, Travis
    • 130-Graduate Research Prediction of Heart Disease with Machine Learning Techniques by Pope, Lauren *; Araujo, Marcella; Yannone, Cynthia; Still, Stephen
    • 131-Graduate Research Privacy Preserved Federated Learning Approach for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection by Nasajpour Esfahani, Mohammad*; Karakaya, Mahmut; Pouriyeh, Seyedamin
    • 133-Graduate Research Live Face Mask Detection by Yella, Gayathri*; Golla, Naga Lakshmi; Julipala, Yashwanth Reddy
    • 135-Graduate Research Measuring Document Similarity By using Deterministic finite automata (Minimization) by Vadyala, Pooja*; Vadyala, Pooja; Settipalli , Naga Revathi ; Allu, Pooja Reddy; Guda, Shashank Varma; Turlapati , Aishwarya Turlapati
    • 136-Graduate Research Students Certification Management (SCM): Hyperledger Fabric-Based Digital Repository by Hossain Faruk, Md Jobair*; Shahriar, Hossain; Valero, Maria A
  • * Candidates for the best  project award
    + Project will be featured during the Flash Session

    • 86-Undergraduate Research Food Desert: Hungry For Answers by Cumberbatch, Lawren*
    • 102-Undergraduate Research Auto Grader for Unstructured Open-ended Questions using Natural Language Processing and Recommender Systems by Furrow, Anna*
    • 120-Undergraduate Research Analyzing Adversarial Attacks in Machine Learning Models by Mirkhelkar, Niti*
    • 124-Undergraduate Research BreastNet; Ensemble Deep Learning by Meador, Cora L*; Deem, Ryan