Realities Lab

CCSE Realities Lab is a space for students to work with the latest technology in the virtual space. From Vive to Motion Capture, we have the technology for students to experiment and create programs for any space.

realities lab team using lab equipment

Team Members

    • Dr. Joy LiJoy Li is an Assistant Professor of Computer Game Design and Development at Kennesaw State University as of January 2019. She received her Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Louisville in 2018. Her main areas of research are: Educational Virtual Realities, Affective Serious Games, and and Healthcare Applications.

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    • Dr. Chao MeiChao Mei joined the Dept. of Software Engineering and Game Development at Kennesaw State University on Aug. 2016, as an Assistant Professor. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the Computer Science Dept. at The University of Texas at San Antonio on Aug. 2016. His Ph.D. advisor is Dr. John Quarles who is the director of the San Antonio Virtual Environment (SAVE) lab. His main research areas are: Human-Computer Interaction – Virtual/Augmented Reality, Special Education, Educational Gaming and Software Engineering.
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  • Kevin Markley - Project Manager
  • Matthew Lamneck – Lab Assistant – 2D Artist/Asset Creator
  • Jade Le – Lab Assistant – 3D Artist
  • Cole Noltimier – Lab Assistant – Video Editor
  • Bonga Maswanganya – Lab Assistant – Programmer
  • Thomas Pereira – Lab Assistant – Programmer
  • Justin Van – Lab Assistant – Programmer
  • Adam Boyd – Lab Assistant - Programmer
  • Former Project Manager:

    • Jaylin Gillam 

    Former Graduate Research Assistants:

    • Chris Baxter 
    • Jingjing Zhang 
    • Meg’n Mullikin
    • Amber Melton
    • Colt Trau
    • Miao Dong 
    • Karis Kim 
    • Darren O’Neale
    • Nick Murphy 
    • Kevin Tiba 
    • Cooper Freeman 

    Former Undergraduate Research Assistants:

    • Michael Revit 
    • Cody Ducleroir
    • Jerome Lester 
    • Andrew Savas 
    • Devan Patel