Tutoring Policies & Procedures

The Tutoring Lab is for students who are currently enrolled in the course.

  • For undergraduate students : To schedule an appointment please use the link under “Tutoring” section. Your appointment can be “In-person”, “Online”, or come in Tutoring Lab as walk-in for all courses available for tutoring.

    • Please make an appointment in advance. You can schedule up to two appointments per day for each course you currently enroll in. Each session is 30 minutes.
    • If you cannot attend the scheduled session, be sure to cancel your appointment at least 2 hours before the session. Your account will still be open.
    • If you no show and miss three appointments, the system automatically locks
      your account and you will be blocked from making additional tutoring
      appointments for the remainder of the semester 
  • For graduate students: You can come to the Tutoring Lab as a walk-in or connect with Program coordinator to schedule “In-person” or “Online” appointment. Graduate students can have help with courses with Languages as Java, C++, C#. For all other courses please contact your instructor.