College of Computing and Software Engineering Lab Centers

Main Lab Center
Atrium Building (J), Room 263

The Main Lab is an open and collaborative-friendly environment that is available to all KSU students and is equipped with computer desktops, tables with power outlets, copier/printer, paper shredder, etc.

Helpful links for the Main Lab:


Summer 2019 Hours:

Monday - Friday:  9:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday:  Closed


Game Lab Center
Atrium Building (J), Room 202

The Game Lab is an open gaming center that is available to all KSU students for academic and recreational use. Gaming equipment and accessories are on hand for check-out and can be issued by the Lab Assistant – Technician on duty.

Summer 2019 Hours:

Monday -  Friday: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday: Closed     

Tutoring Lab Centers

Welcomes all Undergraduate & Graduate students enrolled in ACST, CS, CSE, IT, CGDD & SWE courses!

Appointments are available via the (EAB Advising) link below.  Please note that all subjects and languages may not have a tutor on schedule at all times.  If you need help when no tutor is available, please see the Tutoring Lab Manager, Svetlana Dimova, for assistance.

Walk-in Appointments:  Depending on the volume of clients, there may be a short wait for tutoring assistance.

Schedule an Appointment



We offer tutoring services for the following courses (listed below):

  • CS  3305         Data Structures 
  • CS 3305L        Data Structures Lab
  • CS  3502         Operating Systems 
  • CS  3503         Computer Organization, Architecture & Communications 
  • CS 3503L        Computer Organization, Architecture & Communications Lab
  • CSE 1311        C++ Programming for Engineers
  • CSE 1321        Programming Problem Solving I 
  • CSE 1321L      Programming Problem Solving I Lab
  • CSE 1322        Programming Problem Solving II 
  • CSE 1322L      Programming Problem Solving II Lab
  • IT 1323            Advanced Programming Principles 
  • IT 1323L          Advanced Programming Principles Lab
  • IT 3883            Advanced Application Development
  • IT 5413            Software Design & Development



Computer Languages included:

  • Java for CSE 1321, CSE 1322, CS 5000, IT 1324, IT 5413
  • C# for IT 3883
  • C#, Unity for CSE 1301, CSE 1302
  • C++ for CS 3304, CS 5040, CS 4306, CSE 1311, SWE 5123
  • Digital Trainers for CS 3501, CS 5020
  • Linux for CS 3502, CS 5020
  • Python CSE 1321

*Note: Tutors will try to assist in other subjects as available and be as helpful as possible!*


Marietta Campus - Atrium (J), Room 265


Tutoring Lab Fall 2018 Hours

MondayFriday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Job Opportunities

If you are interested in working for the CCSE Lab Centers, please check the KSU student job opportunities website Handshake ( for the following positions:

  • CCSE  Lab Assistant – Grader
  • CCSE  Lab Assistant – Lab Technician
  • CCSE  Lab Assistant – Teaching Assistant
  • CCSE  Lab Assistant – Tutor


Virtual Desktop Description

The CCSE Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment is virtualization technology that hosts a desktop operating system on a centralized server in our data center. CCSE offers two types of VDI environments: persistent and nonpersistent. Persistent VDI (assigned based on class) provides each user with his or her own desktop image, which can be customized and saved for future use, much like a traditional physical desktop. Nonpersistent VDI (CCSE Standard) provides a pool of uniform desktops that users can access when needed. Nonpersistent desktops revert to their original state each time the user logs out. See instructions here.


Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine, formerly known as DreamSpark, is a Microsoft program to provide students with software design and development tools at no charge. Microsoft Imagine connects students with the tools, resources and experiences they need to elevate their skills for today's working world. Whether it's building a game, designing an app or launching a project, Microsoft Imagine helps students develop their ideas and boldly bring them to life. Microsoft Imagine is only available to College of Computing and Software Engineering students and faculty. If you are currently enrolled and registered for an ACST, IT, CS, CGDD, CSE or SWE class your account will automatically be created at the conclusion of the Drop/Add period each semester. Once your account is created or re-activated, you will receive a confirmation email detailing login or registration instructons. Please be aware that all student accounts expire at the end of each semster.

For Access to Imagine go to the following link and click login at the top. On the next screen either click register button and enter your student email address or login with your given login credentials here.


Customer Service

If you desire to give and/or provide feedback on a tutor’s performance, whether in the classroom or Tutoring Lab, please contact Svetlana Dimova,