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As a graduate of the College of Computing and Software Engineering, you are shaping your career and the business landscape around you in new and meaningful ways. Stay involved with CCSE after graduation to share what you've learned with current students, network with fellow alumni, and expand your business contacts and knowledge base. CCSE hosts numerous events throughout the year that are perfect for networking, learning or sharing your own expertise, such as the Dean's Speaker Series, Industry Talks and C-Day.

Upcoming Alumni Events

  • **This event has been CANCELLED.**

    December 10, 2019
    6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Past Alumni Events

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    Blockchain - One chain to rule them all
    March 4, 2019

    Blockchain is often sold as a global disruptive technology that will soon rule everything. It is a game changer, but the reality is a little less apocalyptic. In this talk we'll cover a few blockchain basics, what really is different from traditional applications, and why it matters. You'll get a better understanding of what is being disrupted and if it makes sense to ditch everything and move completely to blockchain. (Spoiler alert- it doesn't.) The topics we'll cover include: 

    • What is blockchain really?
    • Blockchain <> bitcoin
    • Some innovative blockchain use cases
    • How your organization should respond
    • What you should do next to board the blockchain train 

    Michael Solomon, PhD, is an educator, author, and industry Cyber Security consultant. Michael is a Professor of Cyber Security and IT at the University of the Cumberlands, an author of over 20 books on security, and provides Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance consulting services to organizations of all sizes. Michael is a 1987 graduate of Kennesaw College's BS in Computer Science program. After Kennesaw, Michael started his own consulting firm and earned an MS degree in Math and Computer Science, and also a PhD in Computer Science and Informatics, both from Emory University. 

  • October 29 2018
    Fireside Chat for Innovations in Healthcare - How to Inspire Change 

    Mariya Filipova helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation by deploying the full potential of exponential technologies and business models to optimize their talent, product development and revenue generation capabilities.​
    In Healthcare, Mariya curates high performing ecosystems to identify, pilot and scale initiatives that transform care management and delivery. She is a trusted advisor to healthcare veterans and new entrants from start-ups to established industry leaders in e-commerce, retail and tech​.

    In her current role, Ms. Filipova leads Innovation for Anthem, one of the largest health benefits platforms serving over 70M people in the US. Mariya previously led Deloitte’s global Future of Work Office, a portfolio of investments that use exponential technologies (e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence) to redefine the way we do and monetize work. ​

    Ms. Filipova’s past experience as entrepreneur and wall street analyst at Barclays Capital has shaped her perspective on transformation in closely regulated industries in Europe and the US.​

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    Mariya Filipova alumni event
    Mariya Filipova alumni event
    Mariya Filipova alumni event
    Mariya Filipova alumni event
    Mariya Filipova alumni event
    Mariya Filipova alumni event


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