Important Advising Information

 The advising team will NOT be doing in person/face-to-face advising OR Drop-in advising during Add/Drop (first week of classes). All advising must be done via email and/or virtual/phone advising appointments.

The primary modality of advising is shifting in consideration of the current health concerns to minimize the potential spread of any viruses, but still provide service and assistance to students.

We strongly encourage students to utilize virtual/phone advising appointments or contacting us via email ( instead of coming in person for advising. Appointments scheduled between 8/10 - 8/21 will only be 15 minutes long to offer increased advising capacity. Please be prepared with questions before beginning the appointment. We will only be focusing on registration during this time. Please schedule a follow up appointment AFTER add/drop for a more lengthy appointment regarding choice of major/plan of study/course substitutions that don't need to be done immediately.

  • How to register video and FAQ is here.

    1. Please be aware that you have to register for both lecture and lab (2 different CRNs/check boxes) simultaneously. Do not try to add one and then the other. You will get a prerequisite and test score error.
    2. The system will not let you wait list for one part and register for another. Check the schedule frequently for seats opening.
    3. CSE 1321 Labs are taught in 3 different languages: C++, Java, and C#. C++ labs are restricted to majors in the Southern Poly College of Engineering & Engineering Technology. You get a field of study restriction error when you try to sign up for one of these if you aren't a Mechanical/Mechatronics/Electrical/Computer Engineering major. Check the section comments/notes for which language the section you're trying to register for is teaching.
    4. Online sections are restricted to 100% online major programs (CGDD, CS, SWE are not available as an online major). However, in consideration of COVID, we are providing campus overrides. If you get a "Campus Restriction" error, email with your KSU ID number for help.
    5. CSE 1321/L AP credit will cause a prerequisite error when trying to sign up for CSE 1322/L. Make sure you have or are registered to take at least MATH 1113 Precalc before you try to register for CSE 1322/L. If you meet these conditions, submit a prerequisite override request.

    Want to swap lab sections?

    1. Find the CRN for the section you want to switch into (make sure it's Java/C# if you're a CCSE major, and that it's got 2+ seats)
    2. On the Add/Drop classes page (Class Registration page) in Owl Express, choose "drop" under the action column for the lab you want to get out of
    3. BEFORE clicking submit changes, put in the CRN for the lab you want in one of the text boxes right above the "submit changes" button.
    4. You should not be prompted to also drop the lecture. If you are prompted to do so, that means something is wrong with the lab you're trying to get into. Double check the day/times to confirm it doesn't overlap with anything, and that there are still seats available and no one is on the wait list, and that it's a C# or Java section.
    5. If you don't get a prompt and the page just reloads, go check the "Display Class Schedule and Grades" page in the registration menu to confirm the switch.
  • Unfortunately if the course is now full, we cannot put you back in the class. You'll need to look for another open lecture.
  • Freshmen

    If you are a new Freshman student for this fall semester, please read through our step-by-step registration workbook for which classes to choose.


    If you are a new transfer student, it's best if you speak with an advisor, however you can begin reviewing your remaining requirements by logging in to Owl Express -> Registration -> DegreeWorks. This overlays your transferred credit onto the major you've chosen. If you don't have credit for CSE 1321/L Programming 1 with lab, that should be your highest priority. If you do have credit for it, but you got less than a 'B' in lecture and/or lab, you'll need to retake it. Same goes for CSE 1322/L Programming 2 with lab.

    Your next highest priority should be a MATH class. The following are the math courses we typically prioritize in your first semester. If you already have credit for one or more of these courses in the order in which they're listed, go to the next one. If you've already done all of these math classes, choose another general education course.

    1. MATH 1111 College Algebra

    2. MATH 1113 PreCalculus

    3. MATH 2345 Discrete Math

    5. MATH 1190 Calculus 1

    6. MATH 2202 Calculus 2

    Note: this is not a complete list of all math courses required in CCSE majors, and some majors do not require MATH 2202.

    Continuing Students

    Check DegreeWorks. Email if you need to.

  • For CCSE courses (prefixes including CSE, CS, CGDD, SWE and IT) submit a repeat override request.

    For MATH/science courses (prefixes such as MATH, CHEM, PHYS, BIOL) follow their directions here.

  • "TBA" for online courses in the Days/Times/Locations area just means that the course will be asynchronous, which means you don't have specific times you're expected to log in to the system. Please check your email DAILY for information from your instructor(s) regarding course expectations. 
  • This means you will be expected to join a synchronous lecture at the times specified on your schedule. Please check your email DAILY for information from your instructor(s) regarding course expectations.
  • We're extremely busy during the weeks of 8/10 - 8/21 (the week before and week of add/drop/first week of classes). We appreciate your patience and flexibility!

     To help you as quickly and effectively as we can, please send only one email containing what you need, and you need to format your emails to include the following information:


    1. KSU ID# (000...)
    2. Your last name
    3. Brief description of request (e.g. registration issues, class recommendations, etc)

    Example: 000123456 Smith Classes to register for


    • Please be as direct as possible and only send one that encompasses everything
    • What do you need from us?
    • If you have questions, please list them in a numbered format
    • Explain any backstory concisely

    We will be working quickly, but please note that demand is going to be high - you might notice that our responses are short and straight to the point.

  • During the scheduling process for virtual/phone advising, you will see the additional details for how to get in contact with the advisor you're signing up for.

    Virtual Advising: We will be using either Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate. Please read the "additional details" area when you schedule your appointment to see which one and what to do.

    To use Microsoft Teams without downloading it, you will log in to your student Outlook email account ( from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. After logging in, in the upper left-hand corner, you will see 9 dots in a square next to the word “Outlook”. Click these dots. Teams should be the 4th option on the right-hand side list of Apps that comes up. Click the “Teams” app.

    We will email you an invitation/link if we're using Blackboard Collaborate.

    Phone Advising: Please call the number listed in the "additional details" area when you schedule the appointment, at your reserved appointment time. 

  • Yes. Please check the coronavirus page and keep an eye on your student email for any important updates.
  • Each instructor has created a plan for how to safely hold in person classes. Check your email daily for information about how your classes are going to run.
  • Probably. Please make sure you're checking your "Display Class Schedule and Grades" page on the Registration menu in Owl Express daily to see if any adjustments are made to what you have registered for.
Critical Classes

Registration issues?

Having trouble registering for CSE 1321 and CSE 1321L (or CSE 1322/L)

Prerequisite and Test Score Error for CCSE courses

Repeat Count Exceeds One Error for CCSE courses

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