Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets are a way to track your progress in a particular program in addition to the catalog and DegreeWorks (located under Student Records menu). You are assigned a catalog year when you begin in your program and stay in that catalog year with those requirements until you graduate. You may request to update the requirements to a newer year. If you change your major, are academically dismissed, or you don't enroll for 3 consecutive semesters (including summer), your catalog year/requirements are automatically updated to the current catalog year/requirements.

If you have any questions about which curriculum sheet you should be following, contact an advisor!

While degree requirements stay the same over time (unless you choose to change catalog year), prerequisites do not. If an older curriculum sheet has a different prerequisite than what is on a newer sheet or what it says in the catalog, it is wrong. You must follow the newest prerequisites.

 How do I make a plan of study/graduation plan?

Academic Program Maps with Sample 4-Year Schedules Blank Plan of Study by Semester Worksheet


**KSU 1101 is no longer a university requirement.**


Expand each panel to download the corresponding curriculum sheet.