Past CS Curriculum Sheets

Not sure which sheet you need? Computer Science was the only College of Computing and Software Engineering department which needed to merge programs, therefore there are two sets of curriculum sheets. The sheet you need is determined by when you started and at which institution you attended. Each curriculum sheet is marked with either a (K) for Kennesaw or an (S) for SPSU.

An academic year runs Fall-Summer. Your catalog year is determined by the semester you began the program in - so if you started as a freshman the CS program in Fall of 2014 at what was then SPSU, you would be on the 2014-2015 (S) catalog year.

Please be aware that the curriculum sheets are subject to change and errors. Ultimately degree requirements are derived from the catalog, and prerequisites may change from year to year. You must adhere to the newest prerequisites for a course, unless special permission for extenuating circumstances has been given (e.g. Fall 2015 prereq structures may follow either old or new prerequisites for CS classes, depending on the student's institution of origination pre-consolidation).

The SPSU BACS program has been discontinued, but the KSU BA-ACS (Applied Computer Science) is continuing in the New U.

Current degree requirements can be found in the 2015-16 catalog.

Older degree requirements for either university in any program can be found in the archived catalogs.