Resolve a Prerequisite & Test Score Error

If you attempt to register for a class that you don’t meet the prerequisites for, you will receive a prerequisite and test score error.  Sometimes, you will receive this error even if you meet the prerequisites.  Often this happens when you have transfer credit that meets the prerequisite or if there has been a course substitution, but there can be other reasons.  If you believe you have met the prerequisites for a CS, CSE, SWE, CGDD, ACST or IT- prefixed course and are receiving a prerequisite and test score error when attempting to register, please complete this form – this is the fastest way to resolve the issue, especially during busy periods such as registration and add/drop.

If you are receiving this error for a course that is not taught at the College of Computing and Software Engineering, please contact the respective college for resolution.  For example, for MATH, PHYS, CHEM and BIOL courses, you need to contact the College of Math and Science ; for IS and ISA courses you will need to contact the Coles College of Business, and for TCOM courses you will need to contact College of Humanities and Social Sciences.