Request A Repeat Course Override

If you attempted a KSU course twice – withdrawals do count as attempts – and want to register for it for the third or subsequent time, you need to obtain permission to do so.  The process of requesting a repeat course override is designed to help you succeed at your third attempt. 

If you want to be allowed a 3d or subsequent attempt at a course prefixed with ACST, CS, CSE, CGDD, IT and SWE, please complete this form. You may be invited by email to meet with a CCSE academic advisor to discuss your success strategy prior to the override being issued – make sure you check your student email regularly.

If you want to request permission for another attempt for a Math or Science course, please review the College of Science and Math course repeat request policy and procedures.  You will need to schedule to meet with a CCSE advisor to discuss your success strategy. Make sure you have completed the necessary worksheet PRIOR to your CSM repeat course advising appointment.

If you want to request permission to repeat a course from another college (such as ENGL, POLS, HIST, ECON, etc courses) you may contact directly an advisor from the college offering the course (for example, College of Humanities and Social Sciences for ENGL, POLS, HIST courses).  If you are unsure who to contact, let us know – we will gladly connect you with the right person.