Meet Your Faculty, Staff and Administrators

All of the faculty, staff and administrators are dedicated to helping you succeed in our programs.  IT graduate programs are hosted by the Department of Information Technology which is a part of the College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE).  The administrators and staff are listed as follows:

  • Dr. Sumanth Yenduri – Interim Dean of CCSE
  • Ms. Lincy Norman – Dean’s Administrative Associate
  • Dr. Rebecca Rutherfoord – IT Department Chair and Interim Assistant Dean of CCSE.  Email:
  • Prof. Dawn Tatum – IT faculty and internship coordinator of CCSE. Email:
  • Dr. Lei Li – Your Graduate Academic Advisor and contact for advising and general program related questions.  Email:
  • Ms. Melinda Ross – Graduate Student Support Director. Ms. Ross is your contact for program related questions such as registration, academic holds, financial aids, etc. Email:   

Dr. Lei Li and Ms. Melinda Ross are dedicated to assisting all IT graduate students. Please always include your 9 digit ksu ID in your advising request.

There are seventeen full–time faculty in the Department of IT.  You can find their names and contact information HERE.

Please feel free to contact any of your faculty, staff or administrators at any time.

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