Your Degree Program

Every undergraduate degree program at KSU consists of General Education courses (called CORE), major requirements, and possible electives.  The CORE consists of major AREAS.  AREA A is essential skills (English and Math), AREA B is institutional options (communication and social issues), AREA C is humanities/fine arts (literature, and art & culture of the world), AREA D is science, math & technology (math, 2 lab science courses), and AREA E is social sciences (US history, world history, behavioral science, and cultures & societies).  AREA F will list specific courses for a particular major.

In addition to the CORE, you will have major requirements, including courses in IT (Information Technology) and CSE (Computing and Software Engineering). The current curriculum sheet that shows the complete BSIT degree lists AREA A-F and the required courses, major courses, upper level technical electives and free electives.  You must complete everything on this sheet to complete your degree.  The total number of semester hours required to graduate is 121 for students who started the program prior to Fall 2020, and 120 credit hours for those beginning Fall 2020 or later.

General Information

AREA A-E: When you see several courses listed - you choose ONLY ONE from the list.

AREA F: You will need to take CSE 1321/L (Programming and Problem Solving I with lab) and CSE 1322/L (Programming & Problem Solving II with lab). You must make a 'B' or better in BOTH the lecture and lab portions for both of these classes to continue on with your major coursework. Registration for these classes can be tricky, so we recommend you read over our FAQ and watch the how-to video on that page.

* Both lab science courses in AREA D require a LAB section along with lecture.

Pre-requisites: Be sure that you check ALL pre-requisites listed for courses!!!!

Upper Level: You will choose only ONE "track" from the upper level technical electives - read instructions.

Free Electives: You may choose ANY two courses for your electives.

Be sure to MIX your general education CORE (AREA A-E) with required major courses.  You DO NOT start with AREA A and continue to AREA F - you can choose ANY Core course in ANY order you want, as long as you have the prerequisites.

Sample first semester schedule:

  • ENGL 1101 English Composition I
  • MATH 1113 PreCalculus
  • CSE 1321 & CSE 1321L Programming & Problem Solving I with lab - Java preferred, but C# can also be taken
  • HIST 1100 Introduction to World History

Full time student status is 12 or more credit hours. You should take no more than 13 or 14 your first semester at Kennesaw State University. Remember you can always take more courses to "catch up" next semester, but it's much harder to recover your GPA if you take more than you can handle and don't do well.

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