Buying Books

There are several ways to buy books for your online courses.

  1. Books may be purchased at our KSU bookstore.
    • On the Marietta campus it is found in the basement of the Student Center.
    • On the Kennesaw campus it is attached to the Carmichael Student Center on the South side.
  2. Books may be purchased ONLINE from our bookstore.  Go to the KSU Bookstore.
    • Choose either "Start your online order" or "Get a book list".
    • "Start your online order" requires you to manually choose the classes for which you are registered.
    • "Get a book list" uses your registration information on Owl Express to automatically retrieve information about the books you need.
  3. You can also check with individual instructors for their books, but you would be better off using one of the ways listed above.
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