2-Year Plan of Study

Every student in the Information Technology Department and CSE college is REQUIRED to complete a two year plan of study during their first term at KSU.  This 2-year plan of study, also called the Degree Completion Plan, is simply the courses that you PLAN on taking for the next two years.

In order for you to complete your 2-year plan of study (degree completion plan), you will also need to look at our Permanent Schedule that lists the courses for even and odd years.  This list of courses is the MINIMUM that we will be offering each term.  Additional courses may be added to the term as needed.

You should use your curriculum sheet in conjunction with the permanent schedule to come up with this 2 year plan. Every CCSE student is assigned to the CCSE Advising Center. The 5 full-time advisors there can also help you come up with a 2 year plan, but you should create one on your own before seeking her help.

A plan is very often flexible and may be redone many times over the course of your time at KSU.

Planning Tips

  • Remember to check and double check prerequisites
  • Remember to check and double check the permanent schedule

Helpful Planning Tools

Two Year Plan by  Semester Schedule Template

Permanent Schedules

Curriculum Sheets

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