CCSE Repeat Override

    1. This override request form will be shut on Friday, October 6, 2023
    2. 3rd Attempt overrides will be reviewed by CCSE Academic Advisors.
    3. 4th+ Attempt overrides will be reviewed by CCSE deparment coordinators.
    4. Denied requests may be discussed with an advisor, department coordinator for the course, and/or the department chair in charge of the course.
  • Spring 2024 requests must be submitted by October 6, 2023.

This form is how you request to take a CCSE course after you have attempted a course twice already (W's count). We only process requests for course numbers that start with CS, CSE, CGDD, DATA, IT, STAT and SWE.  Your request and explanation of how you will do better will be logged in our records. You will be notified of approval/denial via the e-mail you provide on the form, so MAKE SURE IT IS FREE OF TYPOS. Student addresses should be "".

Note: We will not process repeat requests for in-progress courses. If you require a repeat override for an in-progress course, please do not submit a repeat override form until the final grade has been submitted.

Need an override for a Math or Science course? Go to the College of Science and Mathematics form. 

This should be a 9 digit number beginning with 000. This is NOT your netID

Student E-mail Address

Find your GPA: Owl Express => Student Records => View Academic Transcript

This is the first part of the course number (e.g. for CS 1301, you would pick 'CS')

This is the number part of the course number (e.g. for CS 1301, you will write '1301')

Attempts are any entry on your transcript for this course. This includes A's - F's, W's, WF's and IP's

The amount of times you have gotten specifically a 'W' for the course

Are you a CCSE major (and which one?) or are you pursuing a minor?

Please list them as 1. .... 2. ..... 3. ....

Please write a detailed description of specific actions you will take to address the top 3 factors that impacted your performance.

If you are working at all during any point in the semester, select yes. Select yes if you do not yet have a job but plan to get one.

If you are working only during a portion of the semester please put down how many hours a week you think you will be working during that portion. Please explain more below.

Please double check that the e-mail you provided is correct - it should be

We will notify you via e-mail if your request is approved or denied. If approved, you will be required to do a success plan with an advisor.

If approved, the override will be granted after final grades for this semester have been entered. We cannot expedite this.

If you submit your request during add/drop, it may take up to 5 business days for your request to be processed.