Undergraduate Prereq Bypass

Graduate course prerequisite override requests should go to Melinda Ross at gradccse@kennesaw.edu  

You MUST MEET the prerequisite grade requirement for the course you wish to get into. Fall 2018 and forward grades in CSE 1321, CSE 1321L, CSE 1322, and CSE 1322L must be a 'B' or better.

EXAMPLE: You get a prereq error when attempting to register for CSE 1322/L but you have the valid prerequisite (CS/CSE 1301 or CSE 1321/L). You will request the bypass for CSE 1322/L.

THIS BYPASS IS ONLY FOR PREREQUISITE ERRORS, and ONLY for ACST, CGDD, CSE, CS, IT and SWE courses with those prefixes. We cannot help with MATH, PHYS, IS or any other courses that are taught outside the College of Computing and Software Engineering. No exceptions will be made.

This request is only valid for one semester. 

Information Systems (e.g. IS 2200) and Information Security and Assurance (e.g. ISA 3100) requests should go to the Coles College of Business.

During high volume times, confirmation that the request has been granted may not be sent back to you via e-mail. You should continue attempting to register for the course every couple of hours. If you have not been given a bypass after a couple of days, please contact ccseadvising@kennesaw.edu.

DO NOT submit multiple requests for the same course, this slows down processing time.

We do not permit taking classes concurrently with their prerequisites.

We don't register you for the class if the override is approved. We enable you to register yourself. Advisors have no ability to register anyone.

You should get an automatic confirmation e-mail. If you do not, that means you have submitted an e-mail address that cannot be found (you probably made a typo). This also means that unless you resubmit the form, you won't be notified of approval/denial.

Should be 9 digits, no letters

DO NOT submit a request for IS or any core course. Request will be ignored.

Any time you have registered for this class in a prior semester and stayed in it after add/drop ends

We will be looking to see if you have petitioned to graduate.

By clicking submit, you understand that your request may take 48 business hours to process and if your request is approved, you will register yourself.

Advisors have no ability to register students. This bypass enables you to register yourself.

We do not permit taking classes concurrently with their prerequisites.

We do not expedite requests during add/drop. Do not submit multiple requests.

We do not override into full courses.