Find An Internship

The benefits of an internship are many.  Whether you want to do an internship for credit or not, it can jump-start your career.  In 2018, 59% of interns received a job offer from the organization that interned with. In previous years, the number was higher, as high as 72.7% in 2016.

CCSE students have two powerful on-campus allies in their internship search process: 

  1. The CCSE Internship Coordinator organizes the CCSE Internship Networking Night each fall and spring semester and arranges many one-off recruiting events with CCSE industry partners.
  2. The KSU Career Center provide a host of services and organize events such as the STEM internship, co-op and job fair.  The dedicated CCSE Career Advisor can help with resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, job search strategy, etc.

We advise you to expand your internship search and options beyond campus. There are many resources and useful tips online.  Udacity, in partnership with Google, offers free career courses – learn how to perfect your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn brand and technical interview prep for data science, front-end, Android, VR, iOS, etc.

There is opportunity to receive academic credit for an internship in which work is done that falls in line with the student’s major.