Test Credit


  • You may work with the Software Engineering & Game Development department chair to get credit for CSE 1321 (3 credits), CSE 1321L (1 credit), CSE 1322 (3 credits), and/or CSE 1322L (1 credit). 


    Allowing students to attempt an advanced standing exam is at the discretion of the department offering the exam. Students who have previously attempted CSE 1321, CSE 1321L, CSE 1322 or CSE 1322L and passed (with a C or D grade) may not be permitted to attempt an Advanced Standing Exam.

    Enrollment Services policy
    Authorization will not be given for a course under any of the following circumstances.
    A. If the course has been previously audited. (you have a 'V' grade)
    B. If the course has been previously scheduled and failed.
    C. If the course has been previously scheduled, but the student has withdrawn after two calendar weeks from the day the semester begins.
    D. If the student is currently enrolled in the course.
    E. If the course is an introduction to a course for which the student is currently enrolled. (This provision does not apply to skill courses such as Physical Education or Music, for example).
    3. Credit earned by the Institutional Advanced Standing examination may neither be used to satisfy Residency requirements nor used to satisfy more than one-half of the major field or minor field requirements in a program of study.
    4. A non-refudable fee will be assessed for each Institutional Advanced Standing examination attempted; no course may be attempted more than once.
    5. A student must be admitted to Kennesaw State University at the time of the application for Advanced Standing examination and must be enrolled in the university to receive credit for a course by Advanced Standing examination.
    6. If a student transfers to another university, it is the decision of that institution as to whether or not the examination credit will transfer.


    1. Fill out the Advanced Standing Exam form from the Registrar's website.
    2. Contact Prof. Enda Sullivan (esulli13@kennesaw.edu) to discuss the option of testing out.
    3. After speaking with Prof. Sullivan, contact the SWEGD department chair about testing out of the class and get their signature.
    4. After you talk to the department chair and get their signature, take the form to the Registrar's office, fax it to them at 470-578-9097, or scan and e-mail it to them at registrar@kennesaw.edu.
    5. Once a Registrar's representative signs off on the form, you will pay the bursar's office a non-refundable fee (applied to your student account automatically, which can be paid online).
    6. Contact one of the First Year Experience faculty to arrange a time to take the test.
    7. Take the test.
    8. Get an 80+% on the test and after it's been graded, the Registrar should issue you credit. If the Registrar returns the Advanced Standing Exam form to you to get the Department Chair's signature and confirmation of successfully passing the test, make sure you provide that form to the department chair.
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