Classes restricted to specific populations of students and how to tell


  • If you don't know if you got a high enough score on the AP exam to get credit for a prerequisite course like ENGL 1101 English Composition I, you should sign up for the course as if you did not get the credit. When your score comes in and you verify that you will be or have been given credit, you should then go back in to the course registration system and register for the next class in the sequence.

    So if you get AP credit for ENGL 1101, after that credit shows in our system you should change your registration to be in ENGL 1102.

  • Depending on the class you want into, you will request a prerequisite bypass from the department the course belongs to. You should attach proof of your score when you request this bypass, which includes your name. Most prerequisite bypass requests are done through online forms. You should contact your advisor to see where to go.

  • Save the web page that shows your name, KSU ID number and your math recommendation as a PDF or screenshot and send it to your advisor with your request to register for MATH 1190.
  • Look at your curriculum sheet, DegreeWorks, or ask your advisor. Pick classes for which you have taken the prerequisite. Mix your general education (core courses Areas A-E) with your major courses (Area F + Major Requirements).
  • No. If there is still room on the wait list, you should put yourself back on. No one besides the registrar can change the registration of a student.
  • What you see bundled with the lecture is something called "recitation", which is a time set aside every week to go over what you did in your lab. This way, you get to spend more time in lecture learning new content, as opposed to spending a large portion of time simply reviewing or correcting old material.

    You should ALWAYS register for PHYS 1111 and PHYS 1111L. Otherwise, you will only be getting 3 credit hours for a 4 credit hour requirement.

  • Undergraduate level students who qualify for an override may request an Overload Request form in the Office of the Registrar. Graduate level students may obtain approval from the Graduate Program director.

  • Copy the CRN of the course you want and in Owl Express on the Class Registration (Add or Drop Classes) page put the CRN in one of the textboxes. Click submit changes.

    A registration add error should pop up. It should say "Closed - # Wait Listed" and have a drop down box under the "Action" column. Click the drop down box and select "Wait List". Click submit changes again. This should place you on the wait list as the next person in line.

    Once you are priority 1 and a space becomes available in the class, you will receive an email notification telling you to register for the course within 12 hours or you will lose your spot and have to re-register for the wait list.

  • On Owl Express click the "Registration" link or tab, then click "Display Your Class Schedule and Grades". The wait list priority for each class you are waitlisted should show up in one of the columns in your registration data.

  • NO! Advisors no longer have the ability to do that.

Registration Errors

  • For CSE 1321/L and CSE 1322/L: You need to register for the lecture and lab at exactly the same time. Do not try to register first for the lecture, then try to register for the lab. Make sure both lecture and lab times don't conflict with any of your other classes. For CSE 1322/L, you need to either already be done with MATH 1113 or MATH 1190 (or MATH 1112 if you have credit for it) or be registered to take it in the same semester before you attempt to register for Programming.

    For all other courses:

    This means that you don't have credit for a prerequisite course on your records. If you aren't sure what the prerequisites for a course are, you should check the academic catalog.

    If you do have the credit but for some reason it is not on your records (e.g. you're taking it at another institution at the time you're trying to register for the following course), what you do may differ by department or college. If it is a CS, CSE, CGDD, SWE, or IT course that you want to register for, get a copy of your unofficial transcript where your credit shows up and contact the CCSE Advising team at 

    If you substituted credit for a prerequisite course, you will need to fill out a prerequisite bypass request form. For other courses, contact the appropriate department.

  • eCore courses have a special introductory quiz which you must take before you sign up for an eCore class for the first time. You can get to that quiz here: 

    Math and Science courses should have the same prerequisites as regular KSU math and science courses. If you took the introduction quiz and it's still giving you problems, contact

  •  This means you've attempted the course twice already. A course attempt includes anything which is on your transcript - even if you withdraw from the course.

    For any course in CCSE (so anything that starts with CS, CSE, CGDD, SWE, STAT, DATA or IT), submit your request with this form.

    For math or science courses, use this form: 

  • Corequisites mean that two courses should be taken together at the same time. The error should list the course that you need to sign up for at the same time as the one you got the error for.

    If the section number for a course has a "C" in it, e.g. CSE 1301/C76, it is a learning community.

    Transfer students and all students after their first semester at KSU are ineligible to register for first year learning communities. We do not allow overrides even if something might work better with your schedule.

  • You are trying to sign up for a graduate level course (if you are an undergrad) or an undergraduate course (if you are a grad). You can't do this without special permission. For undergraduate students wanting a graduate level course, you need to apply and qualify for the Double Owl Program.

  • You are trying to sign up for courses that are at the same time on the same days or may have some overlap. We will not allow this or override this.

  • The course is full. If there is a wait list you should get on it or find an alternate course. If it doesn't look like anyone is enrolled in the course, this is because the system does not display the amount of enrolled students once the course becomes full. We do not override full courses.

  • You need to sign up for whatever course is linked to the class you're trying to sign up for. Usually these courses are CHEM, BIOL or PHYS, or something with a lab. This may also be called a "Corequisite Error".

Courses restricted to specific populations of students can be identified by looking at the section number of the course you're trying to register for.

You can look at the course section number a couple different ways. Section numbers should always be visible next to the course number regardless of whether you're using the Class Schedule Builder, the Class Registration worksheet (which uses check boxes), or the Schedule of Classes. On the schedule of classes, they look like this:

Example of a CHEM 1212 section on the Schedule of Classes

Anything after the "/" will be the section number. Section numbers with a letter in it may have additional restrictions beyond prerequisites that limit who is able to register for it. If a section number has one of these letters in it, it means...

  • KSU Online class. Some sections are restricted to students in 100% online majors, but not all 'W' sections have this restriction.

    This may give you a 'Campus Restriction' error

  • This section is part of a Learning Community. Learning Communities are meant for new students starting in the coming semester. They are groups of classes linked together (e.g. MATH 1111 and BIOL 1107/L) to force you to sign up for all of them so that you keep the same classmates in all the courses. Current students should not sign up for these. You can't sign up for just one or two of the courses in a learning community, even if you already have credit for the other course(s) in the set. This will not be overridden. 

    These will give you a 'Corequisite <course number (CRN)> required' error

  • Meant for new students starting in the future semester. Only students whose admission term matches whatever term the course in question is being offered can sign up for these. This will not be overridden. 

    These will give you a 'Student Attribute Restriction' error

  • Meant for students in a special advanced majors program in the College of Science and Math. This will not be overridden. 

    These will give you a 'Student Attribute Restriction' error 

  • Meant for students in the University Honors program. This will not be overridden.

    These will give you a 'Student Attribute Restriction' error 

  • eCore class - while anyone who meets the prerequisite(s) for the course in question can sign up for these, you do have to get set up in the eCore system before you can register. To get set up in the eCore system, do the eCore Intro Quiz

    These will give you a 'Student Attribute Restriction' error 

    If you do the intro quiz and you're still having trouble, reach out to for help!