Math Pathways

There are four mathematics courses that students may place into at KSU.

  • MATH 1111 College Algebra
  • MATH 1112 College Trigonometry
  • MATH 1113 PreCalculus
  • MATH 1190 Calculus I

There are two possible pathways students may take, depending on which math they place into:

  1. MATH 1111 -> MATH 1112 -> MATH 1190 (also able to begin with just MATH 1112)
  2. MATH 1113 -> MATH 1190

Students who place into MATH 1111 would never take MATH 1113. 

The difference

MATH 1111 and MATH 1112 combined cover the same material as what is taught in MATH 1113. So, you get the same content spread out over two semesters rather than trying to do everything in one semester. This pathway is suggested for anyone who struggles with math or would like a solid mathematical foundation to build upon in their academic career. 

If you place into a lower level math than you expected to begin with, you may consider doing the ALEKS placement process which includes a pretest, study modules, and a proctored exam.

ALEKS registration instructions

You can also review the Math department's website on the ALEKS placement process to learn more information about it.

Math Department website