Advisors cannot resolve any holds except the "Advising Hold". Please check with the below information for where to go for other holds you might have to take care of them as quickly as possible. Coming to the advising office or e-mailing your advisor for, for instance, a Bursar hold will delay the process. Advisors cannot see what the hold is for and cannot direct you beyond the general office.

Registration holds require students to take certain actions prior to registration for the next semester. Registration holds will stop you from registering for courses, so it's recommended you check for and resolve holds prior to registration beginning. You can see if you have holds by logging in to Owl Express, selecting Registration, then selecting View Academic Holds.

You should contact the office that placed the hold on you to resolve it. Numbers you may call to resolve the holds can be found by clicking the + signs.

  • This "hold" does not impact any function and is merely a flag set by the Registrar to denote students that had been imported from the Southern Polytechnic State University systems. No action needs to be taken and no restriction is placed because of this hold.
  • Kennesaw (470) 578-6013
    Marietta (678) 915-7216

  • You should see your academic advisor to help remove this hold.

  • Kennesaw (770) 423-6300
    Marietta (678) 915-7281

  • Kennesaw (470) 578-6284

  • Kennesaw (470) 578-6310

  • Registrar's Office

    Kennesaw 770) 423-6200
    Marietta (678) 915-4200

  • Kennesaw (770) 499-3197

  • Kennesaw (770) 423-6074
    Marietta (678) 915-7260

  • Kennesaw (770) 423-6644

  • Registrar's Office

    Kennesaw 770) 423-6200
    Marietta (678) 915-4200

  • Kennesaw (470) 578-3403

  • Kennesaw (470) 578-6202

  • Kennesaw (470) 578-6506

  • Kennesaw 770) 423-6200
    Marietta (678) 915-4200