CSE 1321/L and CSE 1322/L Course Registration

CSE 1321/L and CSE 1322/L Programming & Problem Solving I and II are split into a 3-credit lectures (CSE 1321 Prog. 1, CSE 1322 Prog. 2) and 1-credit labs (CSE 1321L, CSE 1322L) and you need to take the lecture and corresponding lab at the same time (unless you've tried them before and need to repeat one, or you have transfer credit).

How to Register

How to swap sections of lecture or lab without dropping the other part

I'm getting an error

What to register for

All lectures are language-agnostic (which means they teach the principles of programming and have examples in all programming languages, rather than focus on a particular programming language), so choose any lecture section that will fit your schedule.

Labs have been divided into several languages . You can see what language a lab is being taught in by looking at the course highlights or the course comments. The easiest way to see these is by looking at the Class Schedule Search (Owl Express -> Registration -> 7th link - Class Schedule Search) and check what is listed in the "Comments" section. You can see an example highlighted in the screenshot below:

Example of where CSE 1321L language info located

CSE 1321L is offered in 3 languages: Java, C# and C++.

CSE 1322L has 2 languages: Java and C#. It is okay to switch languages - e.g. you take CSE 1321L in C# and CSE 1322L in Java. All programming languages are governed by the same concepts.

The following are the languages available to specific majors



Major Language
Applied Computer Science Java (preferred) or C#
Computer Science Java (preferred) or C#
Computer Game Design & Development C# (preferred), Java acceptable
Information Technology Java or C#
Software Engineering Java or C#
Any other major Java or C#
Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology (SPCEET)
Computer Engineering C++
Electrical Engineering C++
Industrial & Systems Engineering C++
Mechatronics Engineering C++

If a  language is "preferred", that does not mean you have to take specifically that language for that major. It is a suggestion based on historical registration for the course.

How to Register for CSE 1321/L or CSE 1322/L

After you find the lecture and lab you want to register for, you need to register for both course numbers at the same time. Do not attempt to register for (example) CSE 1321 by itself with the intention of registering for CSE 1321L after. You will get a Prerequisite & Test Score error. 

If you are registering by...

  1. The Class Registration (Add or Drop Classes) page: put both the lecture CRN and lab CRN into one text box each, then click 'submit changes'.
  2. Class Search/Registration Worksheet: you will need to have 2 checkboxes marked before clicking the 'register' button. This page does not recognize wait lists. Check that there is no waitlist for the section you want before marking the checkbox. 
  3. Class Schedule Builder (not recommended): Make sure you've got both CSE 1321 and CSE 1321L on the classes you're looking for. Check what section number of CSE 1321L you want to register for. If the CSE 1321L section # you select is between 71-75 (C++), only the SPCEET majors can register for that. Look for a different schedule with a lab section that doesn't start with a 7.

If you're registered but want to swap lecture/lab for a different section, check this how-to guide. If you drop the lab, you'll be dropped from the lecture and vice versa unless you follow these directions. If you follow these directions and you still get a message letting you know you'll be dropped from the other part, contact us!

Argh!! Errors!!!

We have made the lecture and lab for both CSE 1321/L and CSE 1322/L concurrent prerequisites of each other. That means you have to register for a section of the lecture and a section of the lab simultaneously. Sometimes, an error on one part will cause a secondary (Prerequisite and Test Score) error on the other.

  1. Prerequisite and Test Score error
    1. (Specific to CSE 1322/L) Have you taken MATH 1112 or MATH 1113 or MATH 1190 or are you registered to take one? If not, you need to register for the class you can place into first, before registering for the programming lecture & lab. Have test or transfer credit for one of these math classes but it's not on your account? Submit an override request.
    2. Are you trying to register for both the lecture and the lab simultaneously? If you're trying to register for the lecture, then the lab, it won't work.
    3. For fall and spring semesters - are you trying to register for an online section of the lecture and/or lab? Only students designated as online learners can register for these without help from an advisor. All Cybersecurity majors should be automatically allowed. BSIT and BASIT majors can register if you said you wanted the online program when entering the major. If you aren't an online learner, talk to an advisor to discuss your options.
    4. Check the comments/notes for the section you're trying to register for. CSE 1321L sections that are designated as C++ (for SPCEET majors) are restricted to majors only within the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.
    5. Check to see if either the lecture or the lab section you're trying to register for are full and only have waitlist capacity. If this is the case, try to find a different section to register for that does not have a wait list.
    6. Check to see if either the lecture or the lab section you're trying to register for is at a conflicting time with something you're already registered for.
  2. Major Restriction error
    1. Please read answer 1.d.
  3. Campus Restriction error
    1. You are attempting to register for an online section and you are not in a 100% online program. If for some reason you must register for an online section, please e-mail ccseadvising@kennesaw.edu with your name and KSU ID number (000...) and a justification for requiring the online version. 
  4. Closed - Waitlist available
    1. Either the lecture or lab you tried to register for are full. You will need to find a different section or get on the wait list. You will get a prereq error if you try to register for a full section for one half of this course, even if you get on the waitlist. You should talk with an advisor if you're stuck.
  5. Repeat count exceeds 1
    1. You will need to request a repeat override. You may be asked to come in to talk with an advisor after we receive your request.
  6. The error I'm getting isn't listed
    1. Take a screenshot of the error and the course and e-mail ccseadvising@kennesaw.edu and please don't forget to include your 000###### student ID number.